You have lots of options when it comes to consuming GWC podcasts. We offer feeds for each podcast individually as well as an overall feed for every podcast separately.

Individual Podcasts

Subscribe to All Podcasts

All Podcasts: If you’d like to automatically receive every single podcast that GWC produces directly, this is your feed. However, this feed is a little different than the others. Here’s why: iTunes only offers podcasts individually, so for each of the single podcasts below we offer an “iTunes” link that takes you directly to the iTunes page for the podcast where you can subscribe. This feed, however, combines all the others. So if you’d like iTunes to automatically pull from this feed, you’ll need to cut and paste the link for the feed below into iTunes. If you’re using some other podcast aggregator (or know how to handle RSS feeds anyway), just know that the below link is an RSS feed including all podcasts.

All Podcasts: RSS

If, however, you’re an iTunes user and want to receive all the podcasts automatically, follow these instructions:

1. Right click on the RSS link for all podcasts above and select “Copy Link Address”

2. Open iTunes

3. Navigate to the Podcasts section

4. Drop down the Advanced menu and select Subscribe to Podcast

5. In the URL box that appears, right click and select Paste

6. Click OK

7. You should now see the latest podcasts begin to download

Congratulations! You’ll now automatically receive every GWC podcast we produce.