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GWC #350: There Will Be Blood and Chrome

We are thrilled so far with the new BSG content, the web series Blood & Chrome airing now on the YouTube Machinima channel (and on SyFy/every other digital medium) in February 2013. We credit the series with reigniting our love for BSG with Michael Taylor’s strong writing, character development balanced with space explosions, and Luke Pasqualino’s expressive […]


Modern Geek #57: Apps and iPhones

It’s that time of the year again – we run through the details on the new iPhone 5 features. Also, we take a look at Google’s new YouTube app for the iPhone, the Docs app for the iPad, and the latest update to RunKeeper.


Eff This Week #46: Honesty and Lower Thirds

It’s another week to be effed and another distracting new setup! Having ditched uStream for YouTube, Chuck, Audra, and Juan attempt to send video to the chat room, but quickly lose focus and descend into camel impressions, head-crushing and bird-flipping! Also, we do a Stargate-themed Fight, Frak and Bodyswap.


Eff This Week #45: Growing Up Audracious

This week we Eff on a temporary YouTube channel since UStream took a big UDump. And in “guess-which-is-true” trivia, we dig into the weirdest parts of Audra’s childhood, including her crush on pre-scary Kirk Cameron, the first rap she ever learned and performed at age eight — with the lyrics “lookin’ at the girl on […]


SDCC 2012: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel

As they announced at the panel this year, Stan Lee’s new YouTube Channel, World of Heroes, will feature eight new shows. The panel included Stan Lee (the man is hilarious!), Mark Hamill (he did the Joker voice!), Peter David (The Hulk), Jace Hall (executive producer on the recent ABC remake of V), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model […]


Modern Geek #39: Google Goggles, AT&T Unlocks, YouTube Channels

We talk about Google’s theoretical Goggles. We note that AT&T will soon begin unlocking off-contract phones on request. And we cover some of the new grant-funded YouTube content for geeks and how it makes sense of the whole YouTube channels system. Also, we hear from a listener who has first-hand experience with Time Machine backups.


Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

A while back, I came across, a site that divided Star Wars (A New Hope) into 15-second segments and encouraged Star Wars fans to take one of the clips, shoot it however they deemed fit, and upload the sequence back to the site. The end result includes some pretty well-crafted shots and, well, some […]


Modern Geek #18: YouTube’s New UI/Chiptune Magic

We talk about YouTube’s user interface makeover and what it might mean for the overall Google social strategy. We geek out over an Apple II-based drum sequencer for chiptune composers. We get distracted by an awesome eBay Apple II auction. And we run down the basics of recent YouTube Content ID profiteering.


The Best Video You’ll Watch Today

Seriously, folks, if you’re Portal fans — or if you just enjoy an incredibly fun laugh at everyone’s expense — you owe it to yourself to check out this vid. I’m not quite sure yet whether it’s something put together by Valve or whether it’s just a brilliant piece of fan work, but either way […]


James Webb Space Telescope Update

If you’re a Hubble Space Telescope fan, odds are you will REALLY be a Webb fan. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), previously known as the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), is in the assembly phase. The Webb team is targeting a 2018 launch date. Webb offers several (forgive the pun) astronomical advances over the […]


Video Worm: OK GO + Muppets = Awesome

This, folks, is just seriously awesome: OK GO takes on the Muppet Show theme. Yes, that’s every bit as cool as you’d imagine, complete with lots of Muppet references (“OK GO and the Muppets? That sounds pretty exciting. Let’s watch cat videos.”) and even a nice OK GO treadmill in-joke. The vid promotes The Green […]


Why Neil dGrasse Tyson Will Voice The New Cosmos

The Operator tipped me to the above video this week — for obvious reasons. Here’s my take: Forget which side of the aisle your politics lean toward. Forget who you voted for in 2008, and forget who you’re going to vote for in 2012. I don’t care, and I don’t really want to hear about […]


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