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Modern Geek #78: A Vista of Perspective

With a new announcement of the eventual expiry of Windows XP support, Chuck and Juan discuss the long-term viability of Windows 8, comparing the current situation to the previous “issues” resulting from the Windows Vista licensing options. Continuing the search for a Google Reader replacement, a couple options are reviewed, including Tiny Tiny RSS, Flipboard, […]


Modern Geek #62: Digital Rights Mashup

This week we continue our Microsoft discussion, talking about Halo 4, XBOX Live account rights, and what you need to know with the release of Windows 8 vs. Windows RT. We take another look at the benefits and detriments of cloud-based services, and review Apple’s unfortunately disappointing Podcasts app. Plus, we read some listener feedback […]


Modern Geek #40: SSD Price Drop, Apple II 30th Anniversary

We note continued SSD price drops, including Intel’s new sub-$90 60GB model. We share some Apple II experiences in honor of the “computer for the masses’” 30th anniversary. We discuss the pseudo-open-source release of the original Apple II Prince of Persia game source code along with documentation — plus the widespread adoption of older game […]


Modern Geek #38: Win 8 Consumer Preview, Trackpad Challenge

We download the Windows 8 consumer preview, install it on a VM, and offer some early thoughts as to its functionality and originality. Short version: We love Metro, but we’re not yet sold on its integration — and some of the features scare the hell out of us. Also, Juan takes up the Trackpad Challenge, […]


Modern Geek #31: Win8, Antennagate, Switching, Clear App Review

We run down the news, including Apple’s final “antennagate” settlement (hint: you probably already got yours), our take on the new Windows 8 logo (and Microsoft’s Win8 future), Google’s new Chrome “sign in,” the new Minecraft-themed Lego sets, and this week’s WebOS governance rules announcement. We also offer some tips to a listener who asked […]


Modern Geek #14: SSDs, Windows 8

Juan talks us through the magic of installing an SSD to give an older (but still usable) computer a serious kick in the performance ass. We talk Windows 8 and iPhone 4S battery problem updates. And we take some awesome listener calls, including an opinion on the AppleTV entertainment center solution and a killer steampunk […]


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