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Modern Geek #71: WiFi, Remotes, and RSS Readers (Oh My)

We confess to some of our tech hoarding problems (and solutions). We talk about the difference between crappy and excellent WiFi routers. We laud the new, revamped Harmony remote website and configuration system. We go over some of the recent updates to the awesome Press RSS reader app for Android. And we ask some listener […]


FitSmart #41: Withings Scale/Lifting for Purpose

We discuss our experiences with the Withings WiFi-enabled scale and body fat device. We identify the difference between lifting for strength, lifting for size, and lifting for endurance/power. And we run down the top things you might want to know if you’re headed to the gym for the first time (or returning after a long […]


Modern Geek #43: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Review, Instacast

Chuck reviews the sweet iOS podcast manager app Instacast. Will WiFi work out of the box? Will ACPI suck? What’s that new app store like? Juan delivers the details in a run-down of his experiences installing and trying out the latest long term support Ubuntu release — without opening a terminal.


Modern Geek #22: Christmas Hauls, Listener Calls

We wonder when Firefox will stop the onslaught of business-use-killing version numbers. We talk about the latest Boxee PC update and how Boxee’s discontinuance of the PC version makes sense. Juan tells us about his new PS3 and his accessory purchase plans. And we take listener calls, including a great SIRI use case, discussion of […]


Modern Geek #19: Listener Calls, Podcast Rig Geeking

In this bonus episode of Modern Geek, we take listener calls, including a question about WiFi slowdowns on the iPhone, a successful Roku-based cutting of the cable TV cord, and an inquiry as to the best camera choice for taking pictures of active children. Also, we geek out a bit about the technical hurdles we […]


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