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Gundam Wing: The Locus Of Victory And Defeat

Sean was kind enough to bring over some of his complete Gundam Wing collection tonight to give me a chance to check it out. Since he grabbed the wrong box and ended up with the second box set instead of the first, we chose this episode as my introduction. It required a bit of explanation, […]


ST:TNG — Yesterday’s Enterprise

Audra and I have been picking our way through a variety of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes — most recently one of our favorites: Yesterday’s Enterprise. For those of you not familiar with the episode — yes, both of you — it features the unexpected arrival of an earlier Enterprise (NCC-1701C) from 22 years […]


Robotech: The Macross Series, Episode 1

I originally saw bits and pieces of the Macross series in the 80s on PBS, but back in those pre-DVR days I never caught enough of it to really understand what was going on. Thankfully Sean was cool enough to bring over a portion of his massive Robotech DVD collection and give me a shot […]


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