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Frak Party: Razor Flashback #1

Don’t miss tonight’s Razor Flashback, described by SciFi as “the best two minutes on television” and described by GWC’s own Number 13 as “the first new BSG material since SPRING!” It’s embedded in tonight’s new Flash Gordon airing. Various sources indicate that the Flashback will appear on SciFi’s website immediately after broadcast, but considering the […]


What’s coming up in the next webisode?

One of the things I really love about BSG is the way it renders the world in shades of gray — leaving most of its TV sci-fi competition looking like 8-bit black & white graphics on an Apple II. It’s those shades of graythat lead me to believe that the Cylonsare changing their tactics in […]


Are the Cylons More Human Than Human?

Today in the Podcast we came across an interesting topic. What are the limits in the war? Though I think Chuck will vehemently disagree with me on this, I am pro “kick cylon tail” by whatever means available. I don’t think mass attempted genocide with the follow-up of robbing reproductive organs of human women and […]


Division Amongst The Ranks

After viewing the latest Webisode I can honestly say that I would have called it wrong. Duck seemed to react pretty bad after the Chief told him that there were weapons at the temple. I am not sure ifhe will be very receptive to fighting now that it has cost him his wife. Upon reflection […]


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