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GWC #355: K-Juanzaa, Best Of 2012

In the year’s grand finale, we are joined in the studio by JUAAAAAN!! And we snub the ubiquity of the web’s year-end “Worst of…” lists, instead giving our own positive recommendations for 2012 media, including the underrated Men in Black 3, the fun popcorn flick Battleship; the brilliant TV comedy series Parks and Recreation (NBC) and sci-fi […]


GWC #332: Toys, Part 3 (Table-Top Gaming)

We give love to the table-top games we grew up with and appreciate their role in a world before widespread video games. Audra talks about early digging on Trivial Pursuit, her meticulous Mouse Trap setup, and getting stuck being the thimble in Monopoly. Chuck and Sean take a serious look at competition, conflict, and friendship […]


Crysis: What I Was Missing

I was feeling a bit under the weather, and for once it was raining all weekend so I was stuck inside. When this occurs, a rather grumpy monster forms inside my brain that craves new media. Be it movie, anime, or game, I must consume something. I happened to have some Microsoft points gifted to […]


The New FemShep and Female Game Protagonists

The votes are in: FemShep will be a kick-ass ginger. This week at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), BioWare unveiled the final image of the female Commander Shepard for the cover of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 (to be released in March 2012). In two heavily debated rounds of voting, fans on Facebook voted for […]


San Diego Comic-Con: Day One!

Today was the first day of the five-day-long geekstravaganza that is San Diego Comic-Con! This is the second year Chuck and I have attended, with special thanks to our hosts and GWC friends, BKitty, The Hub, Topgun, and Lady D. Since GWC is indeed a family and no family event is complete without all its […]


10 Things Shooter Learned From Tron Legacy

Sean posted a great blog post about the ten things he learned from Tron 1982. I know I’m late to the party, but after just seeing Tron tonight, here are ten things I learned from seeing Tron Legacy


Fight Heaven Itself With Bayonetta

Normally action games aren’t really my style but in this case Bayonetta has more style in general than you can shake a really sexy stick at. In this world, Heaven and Hell had the out and out battle of the ages throwing hell into the loser’s bracket – which put the world out of balance. […]


My New Dragon Age Puppy

I realize that I’ve already posted about Dragon Age Origins recently but there is something of great note I discovered a few days ago – there is a playable dog character. That’s right, take a gander at my new pup Bronx. He’s a playable, levelable character just like any of the others. I named him […]


Dragon Age Origins and TNG

Part of the Xmas loot this year was Dragon Age Origins for XBox 360. Both my brother and I got a copy and spent the day after playing it up. After spending about 8 hours with the title I can say without fear of contradiction that Bioware is becoming my favorite developer. Oh, and did […]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Two years ago this month a game arrived in an overly saturated market that changed the gaming landscape forever — and my perception of first person shooter games. That game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward. It was the third game of the series and a quantum leap up from Call […]


Tekken 6 — The Kings Of Iron Fist Return

I’m a big fan of fighting games. It’s something of a lost art here in the 21st century. The console has largely killed the tightly-packed throngs of teens waiting their turn at the controls of the latest button-masher. It is my most sincere hope that Tekken 6 helps turn a bit of that around. True […]


Save The Games

Zachary Quinto stopped by the Video West arcade in Glendale, CA, last week to get his game on and help promote Stride Gum’s mission to help Save the Arcades. To help choose which local arcade will get a $25,000 boost from Stride, old-school gaming fans can play the online Flash game Zapataur — then choose […]


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