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GWC GWC Podcast #89 (Bonus)

In this wildly rambling bonus ‘cast we discuss the current movie re-watch, Real Genius. Highlights: we quote at least half the movie (saving you rental fees, right?), lament that our college experiences weren’t anyhing like Mitch’s, pay tribute to the great ’80s montage, crush on Jordan (and Chris, of course), and talk college pranks.


GWC Re-Watch Roundup

We’re busy re-watchin’ away at GWC. If you’d like to jump in, here’s what we’re currently checking out and discussing: BSG Season 3: Dirty Hands Firefly: Ariel Heroes: (Volume One: Genesis) In His Own Image Movie: Real Genius Dirty Hands offers up not only “My Triumphs, My Mistakes,” but also a piece of prime evidence […]


GWC Movie Re-Watch: Real Genius

Join us in re-living one of every geek’s favorite flicks: Real Genius. Besides generating quotes heard ’round the community — “It is God!” — providing one of Val Kilmer’s greatest roles, and forever cementing a strange connection between Tears for Fears and laser-heated popcorn, this movie is just plain fun. If you get a chance, […]


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