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Modern Geek #35: The New iPad/ME3 Dynamics

We walk you through the details of the New iPad announcement including iOS 5.1 (and all its changes), the new Retina display, the updated camera, voice dictation, new 4G LTE radios, a slightly-more-portly weight and size, and a new battery to keep battery life similar. We also note Bioware’s awesome decision to include a dynamic […]


GWC #316: Live from the 2012 Internat’l Meetup

We spend an hour and a half or so hanging out with some of our favorite people in the world — the 2012 GWC International Meetup attendees! It’s a pretty free-flow podcast, so if this is your first GWC ‘cast, you might want to back up one or head forward one to get a better […]


GWC #315: Mass Effect 2/3, Jennifer Hale, Maggie Baird

We roll through Mass Effect 2 and some non-spoilery ME3 discussion joined by guests Maggie Baird (voice of Samara) and Jennifer Hale (voice of FemShep). Ms. Baird introduces us to the world of voice acting and specifically the Mass Effect interview and recording process. And Ms. Hale offers some insight into breathing life into a […]


Eff This Week #23: Greedo Squirted First

Audra returns this week, and we Eff it up good. I’d tell you all about the high points of this podcast, but I had so much fun that I forgot to take notes. Doh. I do remember some, um, interesting discussion about Greedo. Also, I’m pretty sure we had our biggest turnout ever for the […]


GWC #312: Star Wars Ep. 4 Live Commentary

We follow up last week’s Ep. 1 commentary with a real-time watch of OUR childhood Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. You can queue up your DVD and watch along with us if you like, but it’s not necessary. Either way you’ll hear us re-discover this classic, enjoy some very special (to us, and […]


Eff This Week #22: Questions, Questions, Questions

To try and make up for the sadness of losing Audra to work-related scheduling issues this week, we offer to answer any questions the chat room poses. And pose questions they do. Your hosts this week: Juan and Chuck.


Modern Geek #30: AT&T Fees, Multi-Monitors

We catch up on some news, including new password leaks by multiple companies, Syrian officials’ lame-ass passwords (12345? Really?), and Kodak’s exit from the world of digital cameras. We note the oft-overlooked versioning features in Google Docs. We run down some new fees and changes to AT&T mobile users’ accounts. And we answer Gizmodo’s recent […]


GWC #311: Star Wars Ep. 1 Live Commentary

In honor of this week’s re-release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, we fire up our cheap-ass 2D DVD of the movie and take you along for the ride. If you like, you can grab your own copy, sync it up, and follow along with us as we enjoy the effects, lament the childish […]


Eff This Week #20: The MOP Is My…

Hammer? Your crew this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. That’s right, the Juanster is back. Hey — don’t forget to email or tweet us your topics for discussion. Cause, you know, we’re too effin lazy to come up with our own. Ok, sometimes we come of with them. But they’re lame. Well, lame-er. Whatever. I’ma […]


Live Meetup Q&A This Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 8:00 p.m. CT

In the first week since we opened RSVPs and registration for the 2012 international meetup we’ve seen almost as many RSVPs as we had in all of last year. Clearly it’s gonna be a kick-ass time, as defined by the fact that some of the coolest people in the world (GWCers, natch) will be there. […]


Eff This Week #19: Chuck Rant

This week, Chuck rants. And rants some more. And is a general butthead. Yeah, he’s often that way, but tonight’s special. Maybe Juan will be back next week to shut him the hell up. Your crew this week: Audra and Chuck. But sadly not Juan. (Please come back next week, Juan.)


Eff This Week #17: Neville’s The Hot One

You know what we should do next week? We should take questions. That sounds like fun. The chat is always hoppin’ (Effin?), so why not? Think up your favorite questions to ask us and dump ’em in the chat next week and we’ll answer our faves. (And yeah, that’s what you get for reading the […]


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