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Eff This Week #35: Welcome Back

After a break for some academic travel, Chuck and Audra return to join the ever-podcasting Juan for a celebratory welcome-back cast. Ok, so really this is just a normal everyweek Effing. And we totally forgot what the eff we talked about, so we made up this title and description. Sue us. (Or don’t. Please.) Your […]


GWC #326: Growing Up Geek/The Hero and The Crown

We continue our growing up geek arc with the novel The Hero and The Crown, which provided Sean entry into the worlds of reading and fantasy. We discuss how his experience (and others like his) lead to lifetime learning, advocate for more flexible reading lists for early readers, and talk about the true purposes of […]


GWC #325: Growing Up Geek/War Games

This week we check out a media object significant to Chuck’s early development as a geek: War Games. We talk about the differences between getting “into” computers in the 80s vs. now, and each of us share some experiences with interacting with tech over the years. Also, as always, we run down the week in […]


GWC #324: Growing Up Geek/Flight of the Navigator

We kick off a new arc in which each of us choose one media object that had a significant effect on our development as a young geek. Up this week is Audra, who takes us on a tour of Flight of the Navigator. And we run down the week in geek, including the awesome Big […]


Modern Geek #42: Juan Chooses a Tablet

That’s right — Juan finally stepped up and chose his tablet. We share our detailed personal process for selecting the perfect gear, a process you, too, can follow to make sure that when you throw down the big bucks you get something that’ll serve your purposes well for years to come.


GWC #322: Avengers Pt. 5, Captain America

Avengers releases this upcoming week, so we’re wrapping up our pre-Avengers re-watch of recent Marvel flicks with 2011’s Captain America. We discuss Steve Rogers’ unsung true superpower and the movie’s interesting selection of rogues. And we run down the week in geek — plus some fun general geeking-out over The Guild and other awesome web […]


Eff This Week #31: Default Steamer

This week needed especially specially effing, and as usual, we’re there to eff it up right. Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, and Chuck.


Eff This Week #30: Own The Meme

If there ever was a week that needed Effing, this was it. So we effed it. We effed it all up. Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, and Chuck.


Save Eureka #33: Season 2 Wrap-Up

In preparation for Eureka’s return to broadcast with new episodes next week, we’re discussing the remaining three episodes of season two this week: Maneater, All That Glitters (Part 1), and A Night At Global Dynamics (Part 2).


GWC #320: Avengers Pt. 3, Iron Man 2

Our Avengers lead-up arc marches on with a re-watch of Iron Man 2.


Modern Geek #38: Win 8 Consumer Preview, Trackpad Challenge

We download the Windows 8 consumer preview, install it on a VM, and offer some early thoughts as to its functionality and originality. Short version: We love Metro, but we’re not yet sold on its integration — and some of the features scare the hell out of us. Also, Juan takes up the Trackpad Challenge, […]


GWC #318: Avengers I, Hulk

We kick off our epic Avengers arc leading up to the release of he 2012 movie with a re-watch of the 2008 flick, Hulk. We discuss the magic of comics and what draws people to identify with one hero over another. We examine the Hulk’s history and speculate as to his involvement in the upcoming […]


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