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Geek Call to Arms

I have an hour commute everyday which affords me the luxery of being able to consume a great deal of podcasts and movies. I received from Netflix a slew of movies I had been looking forward to seeing but never got to see in the theater. The Dark Knight Rises. Total Recall. Chronicle. Battleship. Underworld […]


GWC #308: Fairy Tales 2, Ever After

We continue our delve into fairy tales with a discussion of the origins and history of the Cinderella story and a critical viewing of Ever After. We talk mousewashing and how it’s changed stories over the years, track Cinderella all the way back to 1 B.C., question the one-true-match theory, and get a big kick […]


GWC #286: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Deus Ex

Charles Brownstein introduces us to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and we discuss cultural differences in fandom. Sean digs into Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And we run down the week in geek, including GameStop’s broken seal game modifications, new news on Underworld 4, Superman’s new outfit (or lack thereof), and Jurassic Park-themed sex roleplay.


Vampires: Beyond I Vant Tu Suck Your Blaud

I think Vampires and Vampire stories suffer from a bit of an image problem. Yeah I know, that sounds funny, but it’s true. I often hear people say Vampires are disgusting or that the stories are limited in their scope because all vamp tales are the same. In my most humble of opinions these are […]


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