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GWC #321: Avengers Pt. 4, Thor

The Avengers release grows ever closer as we take a look at the general public’s introduction to Marvel’s Norse god Thor. We find inspiration in Thor’s each-day-at-a-time attitude. We dig into the similarities between Shakespeare’s plays and comic superhero stories, concluding that superhero tales may have a much longer lifespan of cultural significance than many […]


GWC #319: Avengers Part 2, Iron Man

We continue our Avengers arc with the first Iron Man movie. Chuck relates why he connects so much with Tony Stark. We question whether we finally live in a world where a new Iron Man-like story could feature a female protagonist. And we run down the week in geek, including our celebrations of First Contact […]


GWC #318: Avengers I, Hulk

We kick off our epic Avengers arc leading up to the release of he 2012 movie with a re-watch of the 2008 flick, Hulk. We discuss the magic of comics and what draws people to identify with one hero over another. We examine the Hulk’s history and speculate as to his involvement in the upcoming […]


GWC #308: Fairy Tales 2, Ever After

We continue our delve into fairy tales with a discussion of the origins and history of the Cinderella story and a critical viewing of Ever After. We talk mousewashing and how it’s changed stories over the years, track Cinderella all the way back to 1 B.C., question the one-true-match theory, and get a big kick […]


GWC #305: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

We tackle the 80s time travel classic in style, giving it the geek cred recognition it so richly deserves. We note some significant trek connections. We talk about Bill and Ted’s untainted honesty, focus, and ability to grow without change. We discuss standards of beauty and Bill’s uncanny resemblance to some famous art. We note […]


GWC #301: Top (n)

We round up some of the Best of 2011 in our new patent-pending Top (n) lists. And we run down the week in geek, including some analysis of the analysis of Trek 2/12, Baldwin’s now-infamous Words With Friends addiction, a cool new take on Snow White, and the latest trends in ePublishing.


GWC #299: Geeksgiving

This week we give thanks for some of the geeky things we loved this year. And we discover a ball-slappingly good time with Audra’s new holiday: Spanksgiving. Oh yeah, we also run down the week in geek including a ton of Trek movie news and Audra’s take on the neolithic iPad.


GWC #298: Geek Gifts

We talk about some of our favorite geek gifts this holiday season. And we run down the week in geek, including lots more Skyrim love, a discussion of The Captains documentary, new Trek 2/12 news (filming and work on effects shots has begun), Sean’s take on Anita Blake audiobooks and sex in magic, some talk […]


GWC #294: Star Trek Vehicles

We harken back to our vehicle arc as we discuss vehicles in the Star Trek franchise. Sean tells us all about the Final Fantasy games for the iPhone and iPad. And we run down the week in geek, including new Starship Troopers material, a possible new Turing flick, and lots, lots more. It’s almost like […]


Save Eureka #6: One Small Step

We watch this week’s awesome new episode One Small Step. We discuss Taggart’s return to Eureka. We talk about Jo’s incredible cross-dimensional, time-traveling web of personal relationships. We enjoy some closure in alternate-Zane’s involvement with Jo. We dive into the incredible depth Eureka’s writers give to characters like SARAH and Andy, comparing the AI story […]


What’s Your Con Personality? Delights & Differences of Comic-Con and Dragon*Con

I just returned from my first Dragon*Con and my head is still spinning. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think any event could match Comic-Con for geek impact and intensity, but I was wrong. A lot of people like to compare the two Cons in a heated exchange. I think this is unnecessary. Both are […]


Koenig Touts Possible New B5, Straczynski Denies

Fans at last week’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention got a bit of a shocker from Walter Koenig. His quote (via “[J. Michael Staczynski] told me that he is in negotiations to re-acquire the rights to Babylon 5 and it looks pretty good. Now what that portends I am not entirely sure. It could […]


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