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GWC #332: Toys, Part 3 (Table-Top Gaming)

We give love to the table-top games we grew up with and appreciate their role in a world before widespread video games. Audra talks about early digging on Trivial Pursuit, her meticulous Mouse Trap setup, and getting stuck being the thimble in Monopoly. Chuck and Sean take a serious look at competition, conflict, and friendship […]


GWC #331: Toys, Part 2

We reminisce on our favorite childhood toys and delve into memories of specific character-building moments. Audra recalls the excitement of older cousins’ 1980 Hot Wheels City Play Set and Castle Grayskull fortress, and admits her own favorite toy was selected for its smell. Chuck and Sean geek out on Matchbox cars, model rockets, and the […]


GWC #330: Toys, Part 1

We revel in remembering some of the best (and worst) toys of our childhoods, give props to homemade toys, and realize how much toys shape the kind of people we become. We recall what it was like to polish your own rocks, struggle with the infernal spirograph, try to get any real speed on a […]


Voltron For GWCers

Voltron is a recipe for a geek-gasm. Start with a mysterious oppressed planet, uncover five ancient transforming robot lions, insert young, highly-trained warrior pilots, add a galactic monstrous evil villain empire bent on universal domination, sprinkle in glamorous royalty, knead in hilarious dialogue, mix in magical spirits, cook it under the heat of a life-or-death […]


Got Game? An Xbox 360 Voyage Begins

Wishes can come true. Remember back in podcast 229 when the GWC Crüe asked us to call in with what we would do with $300? I called in and said I would get an Xbox 360 because Shooter Jr was on his all the time and wouldn’t let me play. I remember Sean smacking me […]


Unexpected Adventure and Dogs

I know what you’re thinking: You’re thinking, “Did he just use Dug as an excuse to put a picture of his dog on the blog?” Yes. Yes I did. I saw Disney/Pixar’s UP today and still couldn’t get enough of Dug the dog. Hence the plushed out Dug sitting with my bestest friend Talat. I can’t […]


New Galactica Action Figures

In late Toy Fair ’08 coverage, IGN posted pictures of some Diamond Select’s series two Galactica action figures, which should hit shelves this summer. According to IGN, series two will include “Starbuck, Kat, a Cylon Centurion, and exclusives of Helo and Cain.” They report that Diamond also has “busts and statues of characters and ships […]


Very, Very Complete Toy Fair 2008 Coverage

The awesome folks over at have posted a photo round-up of their NYC Toy Fair 2008 coverage — over 3,000 photos of just about anything at all that’d interest a GWCer at the fair. This is definitely browseworthy material. Plus, they get extra points for registering one of the coolest domain names ever, yeah? […]


New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Toys From Hasbro

Start checking stores soon — UGO dug up photos of some of the toys Hasbro’s manufacturing in support of the upcoming new Star Wars animated content. My favorite: the “Defense of the Death Star 1” early TIE fighter. There’s also what appears to be a kick-ass clone helmet, a number of sweet-looking blasters (one with […]


The Ultimate Sci-Fi Cat Bed

GWC listener Melissa in NY brought this to everyone’s attention in the GWC Forum last week: Urka, a contributor on the Craftster forum, created this awesome Millenium Falcon cat bed for her cat Chewbacca (pictured). And yes, Chewbacca comes from a long line of sci-fi savvy cats. According to Urka, his mother was named TK421 […]


Hooked On Lego Star Wars? Show Your Colors!

You may not have the Force, but you can have one of science fiction’s most famous starships — in your pants (pocket). Check out this sweet Lego Millenium Falcon — or “Fawlcon,” to those in the know — that’s key-chain sized. No, it’s not the 5,000-piece Ultimate Collector’s version with the four-page manual. But can […]


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