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Eff This Week #10: Dr. Casilda

Kidding aside, congrats to Casilda who successfully defended her dissertation the day we Effed — and joined us to celebrate. Your Eff This Week hosts this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We talked diabeetus. And we blasted out top ten lists based on chat room suggestions, including our ten favorite SG-1 episodes, top ten […]


GWC #295: Halloween Top 10s

We count down some Halloween top ten lists, including Sean’s top ten hottest chicks to take to a Halloween party, Audra’s top ten worst Halloween costumes, and Chuck’s top ten most useful weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse. And we run down the week in geek, including, well, a ton of stuff.


Top Ten Juiciest Secrets Deleted from Razor

Here’s the stuff they don’t want us to see – the stuff thatlanded on the cutting room floor. 10. Starbuck is really the love child of Brother Cavil and the Hybrid. 9. Lucy Lawless’ sidekick from Xena: Warrior Princess shows up to do a love scene with Baltar. Gets boxed. 8. Gaeta’s tattoo…goes all the […]


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