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Richard Hatch Says Season 4 = All 22 Episodes

It looks like WonderCon BSG coverage is starting to dribble out of San Franciso, including this bit from Great White Snark, who attended Richard Hatch’s talk today. Besides confirming that Hatch is still is normal “pervy” self — talking to his pants and again suggesting that his character should get laid — he also mentioned […]


Reader Theories: Zarek’s a Cylon. Or Roslin’s a Cylon.

Keith C. wrote: I have a theory on who the revealed Cylon will be in Season 3. I believe it will be Tom Zarek for the following reasons: 1. He is one of the few people who could be a Cylon without having to be a sleeper agent (as far as believability is concerned). Also, […]


What of Tom Zarek?

We didn’t get a chance to spend nearly as much time on this in the last podcast as I’d have hoped, so I suspect it’ll pop up next time as well — but I couldn’t wait that long. What’s going to come of Tom Zarek? I’ve always liked Tom more than I could really justify […]


Tom is planetside, may the gods help them.

In confusion there is profit. Where there’s profit, there is Tom Zarek. While re-watching the season three trailer today I was doing my normal freeze framing and caught a glimpse of Zarek on the planet standing in a small group with the Laura Roslin. I had a hunch that Zarek would be where he feels […]


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