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Geek Deathmatch: Winners And Post-Game Analysis

Since the launch of GWC’s Geek Deathmatch forum we’ve seen some crazycool matchups. And with voting coming to a close on some, I thought I’d share some results. First up we have a group of sci-fi classics: Unicron > Galactus Twiki > Muffit LeeLoo > River Viper > X-Wing Starscream > Cobra Commander Kaylee Frye […]


The Centurion Glass Ceiling

Allow me a flight of fancy for just a sec. Imagine yourself a fresh new graduate of Cylon basic training. In the 20 seconds that tick by between your basic processing and your new career assignment you find your hopeful, gear-clanking mind wandering to your awesome new purpose in life. Perhaps you’ll be a leader […]


Cylon-on-Cylon Violence

In the Season 3 premiere, I thought it was intriguing that D’anna Biers (Number 3) points out that Caprica Six was the first Cylon to commit violence against another Cylon. (As you remember from Episode 218, “Downloaded,” Six cracked D’anna over the head with a giant rock and then freed Anders.) But immediately after this […]


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