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Will V stay on my TV?

In the fall of 2009, there seemed to be an endless number of continued and new television shows Shooter Jr and I were looking forward to watching. Eighteen months later, it is a very different landscape on our DVR and TV Guide. Granted, there are still some great shows left but there a quite a […]


Upcoming Films For 2011 And Beyond

As I write this blog entry, 2010 is coming to a close and New Year’s is right around the corner. After enjoying Tron: Legacy last week with family and friends, I started to wonder what will be the holiday movie blockbuster next year. From there it was a short trip to wonder what the entire […]


GWC #167: Terminator Salvation

This week we take on the the Terminator Salvation premiere. Highlights: We wonder if there isn’t any way to save humanity beyond simply protecting John Connor, question the inevitabiliy of Skynet’s evil, ask whether sentience by definition might include “feelings,” enjoy large-scale robot destruction, wonder why non-skinned terminators have teeth, and suggest in injection of […]


GWC #166: Leadup To Terminator Salvation

Besides getting back in the Terminator mood (just in time for next week’s new movie release!) we take a few Trek calls to wrap up the arc. (Look for our Trek bonus call show soon.) Highlights: we tackle the Terminator Salvation trailer’s take on what it means to be human, discuss various modes of time […]


Primal Scream and Salvation

My homie David0207 sent me a link to a trailer. I viewed it. A bloodlust roar started in my gut and worked its way to my throat. My arms were pumping in the air before I knew what was happening. My head tilted up and the fury of sound escaped. Viewed from outside my body […]


GWC GWC Podcast #120

This week we enjoy the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode. Highlights: we love the new Summer Glau model, get a kick out of the show’s excellent casting, agree that naked Cameron kickin’ ass is so hot that it’s not even cancelled out by standing naked by one’s naked mom, wonder if canon/continuity even exist in […]


GWC GWC Podcast #119

If you haven’t checked out T3 yet, go for it. We did and had a great time! Highlights: we notice the new “Terminatrix’s” fortuitous arrival in a clothing store, comment on the Terminators’ excellent vehicle choices, enjoy seeing The T-101’s great, great, great, great, great grandtank (Johnny T1), note the machines’ excellent artificial imitation of […]


GWC GWC Podcast #118

It’s T2 time! Highlights: We wonder what the hell Dyson’s wife must be thinking when geared-up Linda Hamilton invades her home, note the flick’s updated budget (and hence visual effects), review the differences between the “special edition” and standard versions of Terminator 2 (read: 16 minutes of licking), suggest that the LAPD could just wait […]


Uncomfortable Places/Comforting Flicks

The Terminator arc is happening, and it’s going quite well. Having not seen T1 in a long time, I was still prepared to enjoy the hell out of it — even if its ancient effects would distract. (20 is like 200 in VFX years.) But it turns out that the only part that I even […]


GWC GWC Podcast #117

We dive into the Terminator universe this week, starting with T1. Highlights: we discuss the rise of Skynet, note the differences between Skynet’s AI and that of the Cylons and The Matrix, notice the Governass and (heinously visible in the DVD on the big screen) Schlonginator, love how this 20+ year old sci-fi flick totally […]


Star Trek XI Vs. Wolverine And The Terminator

It looks like Star Trek XI’s move to spring 2009 isn’t as free of competition as it was a month ago. Variety is reporting that the new McG-directed Terminator flick is opening just two weeks after the Trek franchise’s new hope. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will (as of now) release May 22, 2009, and […]


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