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Kasem Retires — For Real This Time

This Saturday’s American Top 20 countdown will be Casey Kasem’s last, USA Today reports. After 34 years off American Top 40 and five more of variants, he’s heading off the “free up time [he] needs for other projects.” It’s a sad day. But I’m sure more than one GWCer hopes that he’ll choose to(/have the […]


Why You Should Watch Eureka

So your DVR is empty. You’ve probably re-watched a DVD of a favorite show and have added an extra movie to your Netflix subscription to fill the void, right? Why on Earth wouldn’t you want to catch fresh new content in the form of one of the funniest and new shows out there? On a […]


SG-1 Season 4 Now Available On Hulu

If you’re (like me) a relatively new Stargater and (like me) don’t have the cash at the moment to score a full box set, you’ve probably been (like me) watching seasons one, two, and three over and over again on Hulu. Despair not: Hulu now offers season four as well — twenty-two episodes of your […]


Vampires: Beyond I Vant Tu Suck Your Blaud

I think Vampires and Vampire stories suffer from a bit of an image problem. Yeah I know, that sounds funny, but it’s true. I often hear people say Vampires are disgusting or that the stories are limited in their scope because all vamp tales are the same. In my most humble of opinions these are […]


GWC #169: Transformers Primer, Part II

Today we finish up our Transformers primer, heading into the 1986 movie next. Highlights: we discuss new-Transformer acting prowess, place GoBots and RoboTech (including one special crossover) in context, wonder about Daniel’s mother, point out that Transformers do age, get into Arcee and Elita One specifics (and lack of Madonna cones), talk Transformer sex (yes, […]


GWC #158: Battlestar Galactica, Interview with Michael Hogan

Besides taking some listener calls regarding the finale, we’re joined by special guest Michael Hogan, who gave us what’s likely the best BSG wrap-up experience we’re likely to find. Thanks again to everyone who attended the first annual GWC National Meetup! Look for our regularly-scheduled podcast tomorrow morning.


GWC GWC Podcast #157 Live From The GWC Nat’l Meetup

We watch the BSG finale with GWCers from around the country and world this week, then podcast live from the first GWC National Meetup in Frisco, TX. Highlights: Well, as far as I’m concerned this cast’s highlight is the audience. Together we make sense of BSG’s wrap-up episode, diving into deep issues like who is […]


SciFi Changes Reputation Through Homonym Use

According to and Twitter, the SciFi network is finally ridding itself of its geeky image by changing its name to the slick new “SyFy,” which will attract the desirable demographics of hot women and people who hate science fiction. After years of suffering the stigma of “geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements […]


GWC GWC Podcast #156: BSG 4.5 Daybreak, Part 1

It’s the penultimate BSG episode! Highlights: We discuss meeting Baltar’s father and the episode’s dramatic deepening of Caprica Six and her relationship with Baltar, tear into the heady philosophical questions of what makes one human and what God is, note how each flashback shows us a key beginning that made the show’s current state possible, […]


GWC GWC Podcast #155: BSG 4.5 Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

We’re in the final countdown to the end of BSG — only two episodes left. Highlights: We wonder if Anders has become the new Galactica hybrid, try to puzzle out the meaning of the projected “betrayal house,” ponder Hera’s future, recognize the human recognition of cylon worth via a mass funeral, feel for Helo’s sad […]


Legend Of The Seeker

Generally we don’t cover a ton of fantasy on the cast but I’m a huge fan of anything with magic, swords or dragons in it. Legend of the Seeker has all three. As well as hot, Florentine fighting guardians, wise-cracking wizards and a sword that’s thousands of years old. My favorite character is the afore […]


Life Lessons from Constable Odo

Recently I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine again from the beginning. Every time I do this, I’m struck by the moral evolution of the character Odo over the course of the series. In the fourth episode of Season One, “A Man Alone,” Odo becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a Bajoran […]


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