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Galactica Party-Planner:

Have you noticed how many of your generally-non-sci-fi-geek friends are into Battlestar Galactica in a big way? I have. BSG’s creators and writers have wisely avoided getting drawn down into the technobabble trap, instead following a path paved with strong, deep characters and human tragedy/triumph. It’s paying off. Apparently Zack Exley — of MoveOn fame […]


Will the Phoenix rise again?

In the episode “Flight of the Phoenix” Chief Tyrol gets the creative itch to build a ship. I consider it to be one of the best episodes of the entire canon. There are a bunch more action packed and a few more sexy episodes, but this one of the character building stories for the Chief. […]


Fat Lee? (Or, Apollo gets gaDUNKadunk)

And God said “be fruitful and multiply.” Well, Apollo hasn’t been fruitful in the show (yet), but he seems to have multiplied. Don’t get me wrong–he still looks good, but D, you gotta take charge and help this man become fruitful. That is, make him eat fruit. Not donuts. Since Jamie Bamber took us through […]


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