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The Fairer Sex

While reviewing some older episodes the other day I madean observation. All the cylon females are smoking hot and all the cylon males are, well, kinda geeky looking (except Brother Cavil who is just cool and doesn’t count). Is this a cylon observation of the human race? Did they think looks were more important for […]


Starbuck’s “Special Purpose”

OK, I couldn’t resist a little poke at The Jerk. Forgive me my strange sense of humor. Seriously, though, as Audra mentioned below, Leoben is the cylon Starbuck “waterboarded” back in the season one eposode Flesh and Bone. As usual I’m having trouble remembering Leoben’s exact phrase, but he essentially toldKara that she would play […]


Starbuck’s Mini-Me?

In one of the trailers for Season 3, we see Leoben Conoy (the Cylon who Starbuck had tortured in the Season 1 episode “Flesh and Bone) holding a little blonde-haired girl and telling her, “This is Kara, your mother.” Leoben’s wearing a colonial uniform and holding the child as if it is his own, and […]


Sharon vs. Boomer

In Grace Park Q&A Part 1 — which can be found in the video/features section of the SciFi website — Ms. Park answers some questions from fans. When one fan refers to “G-Boomer” and “C-Boomer,” she interprets that to mean “Galactica Boomer” and “Cylon Boomer.” I’d guess the fan really meant “Caprica Boomer,” but what […]


Tom is planetside, may the gods help them.

In confusion there is profit. Where there’s profit, there is Tom Zarek. While re-watching the season three trailer today I was doing my normal freeze framing and caught a glimpse of Zarek on the planet standing in a small group with the Laura Roslin. I had a hunch that Zarek would be where he feels […]


What’s coming up in the next webisode?

One of the things I really love about BSG is the way it renders the world in shades of gray — leaving most of its TV sci-fi competition looking like 8-bit black & white graphics on an Apple II. It’s those shades of graythat lead me to believe that the Cylonsare changing their tactics in […]


The Rules of Engagement

In response to Sean’s post: “Are Cylons More Human than Human?” It’s obviously true that the Cylons have shown no compassion, restraint, or respect for human rules of war when fighting humans. I’m not sure the Cylons have no rules of war- that is, they probably have rules that say they shouldn’t destroy their own […]


Season 2.5 DVDs / New Podcast Shortly

I just got back a bit ago from picking up my copy of the season 2.5 DVDs that released today. It appears that they’ve included lots of extras, which I can’t wait to check out. On a sort of “housekeeping” note, we recorded a great podcast today that’ll post shortly. It’s a bit more, well, […]


Where do they get the Tobacco?

I’ve been wondering, where is everyone on BSG getting their cigarettes and cigars? You can make a still and produce your own alcohol, but tobacco? I assume a lot of them were lying around from before the Cylon attack on the colonies, and perhaps people in the fleet were carrying loads of them to sell. […]


Division Amongst The Ranks

After viewing the latest Webisode I can honestly say that I would have called it wrong. Duck seemed to react pretty bad after the Chief told him that there were weapons at the temple. I am not sure ifhe will be very receptive to fighting now that it has cost him his wife. Upon reflection […]


Helo, the Gentleman

Here’s a brain-spinner: in Greek, the phrase Kalos Kai Agathos, or its shortened form, Kalos K’Agathos, means essentially “gentleman.” Kalos means “beautiful,” Kai means “and,” and Agathos means “good.” Beautiful and good = gentleman. Sound familiar? I couldn’t help but notice this seems very close to “Karl C. Agathon,” our BSG Lt. Helo. Perhaps this […]


Big Brother-Bot is Watching

I’m unsettled by what seems to be a growingcomplacency among the people on New Caprica. The members of the fledgling Resistance are an exception, I think, not the rule. In the first webisode, we see posters aimed at recruiting people into the Cylon-controlled police force, and Jammer tears it down in disgust, claiming that anyone […]


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