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Tee of the Day: Community (TeeFury)

You need, physically need to check out NBC’s hit show Community. It’s awesome. Fans will recognize the Spanish motto as well as lots of other Greendale in-references. This shirt is full of win. Greendale [TeeFury, link expires 8/23/2011]


Tee of the Day: God Save The Princess (woot)

I’ll admit it. It took me a minute or two to entirely get the reference on this shirt. But that’s what makes a killer geek shirt, IMO: multiple levels of awesomeness. So yes, Princess Peach definitely doesn’t have green hair in-game. Hint: She’s punk.  And yeah, I ordered one. ($15 shipped in the USA) God Save […]


Tee of the Day: I Heart NNY (Ript)

If you’re a Futurama fan you won’t want to miss Ript Apparel’s offering today. ($13 shipped in the USA) I Heart NNY [Ript Apparel, link expires 8/14/11]


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