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GWC #360: Superman ’78

We give a long-overdue visit to 1978’s Superman: The Movie, appreciate the film’s cinematic quality and inspiring John Williams soundtrack; discuss the permeating Christian allegory of the story; and cheer for Margot Kidder’s funny and feminine-but-not-treacly Lois Lane. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, squee over the mysterious and dangerous-looking Benedict Cumberbatch in […]


GWC #359: The Next Generation of Old

We briefly revisit Star Trek: Generations, finally appreciating its place in the Trek canon and wondering why we had overlooked the significance of Picard’s family — and loss of family — for so long. We take calls that touch on the power of pink, the time-travel potential of the airplane laser, and the less-than-sexy reality […]


GWC #292: Clip Show!

This week we take a glut of recent listener calls. And we run down the week in geek, including the Simpsons’ almost cancellation (and last minute reprieve), Adidas’ cool Wampa shoes, Superman’s new beard (!), and awesome new Jor-El pics. Thanks as always for your awesome calls!


GWC #286: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Deus Ex

Charles Brownstein introduces us to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and we discuss cultural differences in fandom. Sean digs into Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And we run down the week in geek, including GameStop’s broken seal game modifications, new news on Underworld 4, Superman’s new outfit (or lack thereof), and Jurassic Park-themed sex roleplay.


New Supes Loses His Briefs

The blurry photo above is making the rounds today, proving that the promo photo (currently shown on the new movie’s IMDb page) isn’t a fluke: Superman is indeed losing his red briefs — or at least wearing them on the inside — just like he did a while back in the comics. As you might […]


Reboot Redeux: Amazing Spider-Man

I’ve always considered the “original” Spider-Man movie to be essentially a reboot, though I suppose many would consider it simply the modern superhero movie formula: Draw liberally from the hero’s comic roots to create a cinematic story that works on the big screen–and in product marketing. But Batman Begins changed all that, taking us for […]


GWC Fantasy Sci-fi Interlude: Solid Edition

I’ve been in a GWC fantasy football league for the past two seasons. Fantasy football is a fun way to spend time with the GWC community as well as learn more about players, teams, and football in general than you’ll ever want to learn. The GWC Fantasy Sci-fi League is like that except better. You […]


GWC #253: Animation Arc, Part I

We kick off our animation arc with Ratatouille. We take some great listener calls. And we run down the week in geek, including new Fable III DLC, a bunch of awesome new shows coming to TV this year, a discussion of the top downloaded shows of 2010, quantitative analysis of the #LessAmbitionsMovies Twitter meme, new […]


Upcoming Films For 2011 And Beyond

As I write this blog entry, 2010 is coming to a close and New Year’s is right around the corner. After enjoying Tron: Legacy last week with family and friends, I started to wonder what will be the holiday movie blockbuster next year. From there it was a short trip to wonder what the entire […]


AICN On Hulk, Wolverine, Superman, And Justice League

It’s been a banner day for superheroes over on Ain’t It Cool News today. Here’s a summary. Today they posted: Hulk and Wolverine pics from Empire magazine News that the Justice League flick is back on track for a 2009 release, with casting information (including Adam Brody as Flash and Common as Green Lantern) And […]


My (Vicarious) Superboy Encounter

When I saw today’s io9’s recall of the long (and thankfully) lost Superboy show, it reminded me of my first (and only) close encounter with the Superman franchise. Some of Superboy was filmed at the University of Central Florida during my brief time there. In fact, someone happily edited this into UCF’s Wikipedia page recently […]


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