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Eff This Week #46: Honesty and Lower Thirds

It’s another week to be effed and another distracting new setup! Having ditched uStream for YouTube, Chuck, Audra, and Juan attempt to send video to the chat room, but quickly lose focus and descend into camel impressions, head-crushing and bird-flipping! Also, we do a Stargate-themed Fight, Frak and Bodyswap.


Eff This Week #12: Audra’s Not Here, Man

That’s right. Audra’s week was so effed that she didn’t even have time to Eff it. In her absence, your hosts this week (Chuck and Juan) ramble about Corner Gas, which you can think of as Canada’s Seinfeld. We also talk Archer and Stargate. And GWC uber-producer Solai joins us for a quick ten minutes […]


Save Eureka #6: One Small Step

We watch this week’s awesome new episode One Small Step. We discuss Taggart’s return to Eureka. We talk about Jo’s incredible cross-dimensional, time-traveling web of personal relationships. We enjoy some closure in alternate-Zane’s involvement with Jo. We dive into the incredible depth Eureka’s writers give to characters like SARAH and Andy, comparing the AI story […]


GWC #271: News & Voicemail Show

We catch up on some listener voicemails and run down the week in geek, including the delay of Mass Effect 3, Chuck’s fifth (and final) season pickup, SyFy’s “open letter” to Stargate fans, the X-Prize contest to create a medical tricorder, some crazy new iPhone app ideas, and the scary and mysterious toe thumb. In […]


GWC #231: Futurama, Stargate Time Travel, FSL 2.0 Wrap Up

This week: We wrap up our Futurama arc with death by snoo-snoo in Amazon Women In The Mood. We wind down our Stargate time travel arc with O’Neill and Teal’c’s personal groundhog day in Window of Opportunity. We close out Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0: Black Ops with a death match for the ages. And we […]


GWC #228: Stargate Time Travel (2010), FSL 2.0 Round 4

This week: We travel backwards in time with a piece of paper in the Stargate SG-1 episode 2010. We save a fast food giant in Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 round four. And we run down the week in geek, including the world’s first soon-to-be-deployed real Cylon raider, Pixar’s new work on Tron Legacy re-shoots and […]


GWC #226: Galaxy Quest, SG-1 Mobius, FSL 2.0 Round 2

This week: We leap into a short but sweet self-deprecating sci-fi arc with a viewing of Galaxy Quest. We return to our Stargate time travel arc, joining SG-1 for a full-circle jaunt to the past in Mobius. We tackle a new challenge in the Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 round two. And we run down the […]


GWC #224: Sneakers, Stargate Time Travel, 1969, FSL 2.0 Team Selection

This week: We wrap up our heist arc with a look at one of our all-time favorite movies — Sneakers. We kick off an analysis of time travel in the Stargate franchise with the SG-1 episode 1969. We choose our Fantasy Sci-Fi League 2.0 team. And we run down the week in geek!


GWC #187: Stargate, SG-U

We enjoyed this week’s SG-U premiere! Highlights: enjoy Robert Carlyle’s awesome portrayal of the complex Dr. Rush, wonder if Rush really did talk to O’Neill, love Eli’s portrayal of the geek, ponder who’ll be this series’ Carter, we hear about Audra and Chuck’s wah meter, give Sean crap for having watched Power Rangers, bitch about […]


GWC #186: Stargate, Continuum, Interview with Amanda Tapping

We watch Stargate Continuum in our last podcast before the SG Universe premiere — and enjoy a visit from Amanda Tapping! Highlights: we love Continuum’s fun take on the classic time-travel story, debate what makes one timeline more valid than another, hear Ms. Tapping’s take on Samantha Carter, women in sci-fi, and whether or not […]


GWC #185: Stargate, SG-1, Atlantis

This week we add Atlantis to the continuing SG-1 discussion. Highlights: we discuss Stargate’s portrayal of the military, again note Stargate’s continual references to history, culture, and Earth mythology, enjoy Atlantis’ update of two SG-1 also-ran characters, compare Atlantis to later TV trek, and generally enjoy the ‘gate.


GWC #184: Stargate, SG-1, Cliff Simon

As we kick off our Stargate arc we’re joined by Cliff Simon. Highlights: we relate our introduction(s) to ‘gate, enjoy how in the Stargate universe humans live by their wits and understanding of culture as opposed to our technology, note that the “non-interference” program only really works when you’re at the top of the technology […]


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