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New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Toys From Hasbro

Start checking stores soon — UGO dug up photos of some of the toys Hasbro’s manufacturing in support of the upcoming new Star Wars animated content. My favorite: the “Defense of the Death Star 1” early TIE fighter. There’s also what appears to be a kick-ass clone helmet, a number of sweet-looking blasters (one with […]


The R2DToque

As a guy who’s spent his share of time in the shop, I can attest that a toque is a total necessity when it’s cold. The only thing better, of course, is a cunning hat, which (in addition to announcing your allegiance to Browncoats everywhere) keeps your ears warmer than a toque. But as toques […]


X-Wings On Ice

Gizmodo turned up this fanboy-rockin’ X-Wing sled today. It was part of Minneapolis’ annual Art Sled rally, and (as you can see) it didn’t fare well. Apparently its driver was just as inexperienced with the force lift as Luke and my pathetic new Mass Effect character. X-Wing Sled Is Porkin’s Transport Of Choice In Tahoe […]


One Incredible Star Wars Figure Collection

This has to be one of the — if not THE — largest single collection of Star Wars toys in the world. And leave it to the hip dudes at Gizmodo to bring us an interview with the owner of this awesomeness, Rob Foster. I could go on hitting the thesaurus for additional superlatives to […]


An EVIL Hot Air Balloon?

Who says LucasFilm is the Evil Empire? Here’s one man’s story of his dream to build one big-ass tribute to he who represents the good and bad in all of us — that just happens to fly, too. The creator’s dream found reality via the FanWars group, who presented the idea to Steve Sansweet of […]


Darth Vader On NPR’s In Character Today

NPR is featuring every scifi fan’s favorite man in black today. For those of you not familiar with the show, In Character takes a 10-minute-or-so look into “iconic” fictional characters, exploring what they represent — and add — to our culture. Best of all, you can listen for free via NPR’s site (link below). Darth […]


The Ultimate Sci-Fi Cat Bed

GWC listener Melissa in NY brought this to everyone’s attention in the GWC Forum last week: Urka, a contributor on the Craftster forum, created this awesome Millenium Falcon cat bed for her cat Chewbacca (pictured). And yes, Chewbacca comes from a long line of sci-fi savvy cats. According to Urka, his mother was named TK421 […]


Hooked On Lego Star Wars? Show Your Colors!

You may not have the Force, but you can have one of science fiction’s most famous starships — in your pants (pocket). Check out this sweet Lego Millenium Falcon — or “Fawlcon,” to those in the know — that’s key-chain sized. No, it’s not the 5,000-piece Ultimate Collector’s version with the four-page manual. But can […]


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