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GWC #360: Superman ’78

We give a long-overdue visit to 1978’s Superman: The Movie, appreciate the film’s cinematic quality and inspiring John Williams soundtrack; discuss the permeating Christian allegory of the story; and cheer for Margot Kidder’s funny and feminine-but-not-treacly Lois Lane. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, squee over the mysterious and dangerous-looking Benedict Cumberbatch in […]


Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin’ people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action […]


My Homemade Chuck Soundtrack

If like me you get a big kick out of the music NBC’s selected to spice up the kick-ass show Chuck, you’ve probably looked around for a soundtrack. The bad news: there isn’t one, and there isn’t likely to be one any time soon. The good news: NBC (and some dedicated fans) have sussed out […]


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