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GWC #180: Alien 3

And we wrap up the Alien arc. Highlights: we recognize Alien3 as the source of the Aliens-as-horror-movie argument, note that it’s not a bad flick (but gets a bad rap as compared to Alien/Aliens), hear about Audra’s “Ellen Ripley” image search engine results, get a bit pissed about Newt’s ending, appreciateWeaver’s committment to the buzz […]


GWC #179: Aliens

This week we dive into the second Alien flick. Highlights: we continue the horror vs. action movie debate, note Ripley’s upgrade from saving a cat to saving a small girl (and Hicks/Reese and about half of Bishop), wonder if Revlon stops aging entirely, love how Ripley continues to personify the strong female sci-fi character without […]


GWC #178: Alien

Up this week — Alien! Highlights: we hear about Chuck’s last viewing of this movie (as a child sneaking out to watch it on cable), love the model work and how well the films FX hold up 30 years later, discuss the Giger art we saw in the studio while recording our live ‘cast in […]


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