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The Shat Works Your Nerves

Last night I witnessed an event that held me in a state of curious awe: William Shatner’s new show on Biography, Shatner’s Raw Nerve. It’s not as if I’ve never seen that type of show before, but honestly I was expecting Zap Branigan to saunter out and ham it up — and what I got […]


Review: Halo Uprising #1

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Halo fan. Though I’ve only recently begun to fully enjoy the FPS experience, Halo’s story was enough to pull me in from the beginning. The Halo story is epic, covering a huge volume of time and space. Spread over thousands of years and dozens of parsecs? As Jayne would say, […]


Maybe I’m Not A Prequel Hater. Really.

As listeners know, I recently outed myself as a prequel hater. Mr. Lucas fired up the tractor and hitched up the bandwagon by choosing I, II, and III over VII, VIII, and IX, and it seems like everyone with a hand in long-running franchise script development has climbed aboard since. And though I happily suffered […]


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