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GWC #333: Comic-Con Wrap-Up

We review our favorite parts of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, including bronies, ubiquitous butt cheeks, Sean’s awesome art acquisition, and hanging out with the small press peeps; and we feature a segment recorded live with a band of GWCers at the con! And we run down the Week in Geek, reviewing some newly-announced Emmy […]


GWC #307: Fairy Tales 1, The Brothers Grimm

We kick off our fairy tales arc with a watch and discussion of The Brothers Grimm. And we run down the week in geek including some spoiler-free BBC Sherlock season-finale discussion, a bit on Jonathan Coulton as an “old man who knows how to use the internet,” and some thoughts on what makes a fairy […]


GWC #305: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

We tackle the 80s time travel classic in style, giving it the geek cred recognition it so richly deserves. We note some significant trek connections. We talk about Bill and Ted’s untainted honesty, focus, and ability to grow without change. We discuss standards of beauty and Bill’s uncanny resemblance to some famous art. We note […]


GWC #302: Christmas 2011

We offer up some holiday entertainment to hopefully help make that Christmas travel just a little bit easier this season. Rock legends Donnie Iris and the Cruisers join us with a special performance to set the holiday tone. Joanna Wilson, author of ‘Tis The Season TV and the Christmas TV Companion walks us through the […]


Sure About Sherlock!

In a time of programming uncertainty and early cancellations on American TV, the BBC has produced some of the best television currently available. BBC’s new series Sherlock is absolutely a poster child for great television. Sherlock is a modernized version of the classic Sherlock Holmes tale set in the London of today. Unfortunately, I missed […]


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