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Live From SDCC: Thursday Rules

Frak! I just don’t have any idea where to start with coverage of Thursday’s awesome con experience, so we’ll just jump in with the above: the goo monster. Read on for more Thursday photos!


Live From SDCC: Raffle Prize!

Don’t you just love raffles? D won the above “prop” patch, and she says they gave away lots more — like a “set” of rank pins and an olive-green uniform. Nice!


Live From SDCC: Preview Night

Whew! Once “preview night” meant that while the vendors were still setting up their booths you could get a look at what they might have to offer later in the ‘con. But over the last few years it’s morphed into a fully-up-and-running swagfest! This is also the first year SDCC has offered preview night panel, […]


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