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24 Hours At SDCC: Making The Most Of It

How much living can you cram into 24 hours at Comic-Con? Is it worth all the travel, effort, and cash to be there for such a short time frame? I’d say, yes, yes, and YES! My 24 hours began at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 23rd when I arrived back at our oceanside condo and […]


BKitty Wraps Up SDCC Sunday

Sunday. Kid’s Day. The last day of the con — and also the best day to get those deals! Vendors don’t want to pack all that craaap back up again! The kids get pretty neat freebies, but for little hands it’s sometimes hard to tell what is free and what isn’t! While dealers scramble to […]


Live From SDCC: Kevin Smith

Finally, here’s the only man who can hold his own in the wake of the Ironman panel and the reason the hub looks forward to Saturday: Kevin Smith. He has nothing to promote right now, so his was just a straight Q&A that had us falling out of our seats! The man is gracious, kind, […]


Live From SDCC: The Iron Man 2 Panel

This was easily one of the biggest, baddest panels of the day! It’s Ironman 2, with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr. — who totally owned the room, by the way. Read on for more Iron Man pix!


Live From SDCC: Saturday, Part I

If I had to quantify Saturday at SDCC. I’d say it’s a good day to walk the floor as most people are in the myriad of panels held that day. For example, the photo above show what it looked like to line up for Ballroom 20 at about 9:30 a.m. Needless to say we missed […]


Live From SDCC: The GWC Meetup!

Friday night a number of GWCers joined us at our home for a full-on GWC Meetup! From left to right (approximately): Tim, Lady D, the hub, ConnorAZ, DawnAZ, Darthweef, BrettAZ, Default Prophet, and me, b! French Toast and Bacon & Eggs joined us later. Read on for more meetup pix!


Live From SDCC: The Next Food Network Star?

Just a small morsel to temp your taste buds on the exhibit hall floor! The next Food Network Star? You saw it here first! (Or maybe at your local con. Either way!) Friday was such a great day. We’re all beat. More details later as my mind is still on hyper-drive.


Live From SDCC: And More Panels

Here’s a photo from Friday’s Dollhouse panel with Boss Joss and Eliza Dushku — complete with two late arrivals Twittered-there by Eliza! They screen Epitaph in its entirety. It’s mind blowing. Really. Read on for more!


Live From SDCC: Panels, Panels, Panels!

You might recognize these guys. I snapped this right as Joseph Adama grabbed his “baby boy” crooning, “My son, my son!” Read on for more fun panel moments from Friday.


Live From SDCC: Friday’s Caprica/BSG Panel, Swag, And Bender

Lookie who dropped in on the Caprica/BSG The Plan panel! Good news, too: we’re happy to hear Jane Espenson is showrunner for Caprica! Read on for more pix from Friday.


Live From SDCC: ClanAZ Camps Panel Room

Here we are in line for the panel room where I’ll spend my day. I must say that some of the other friendliest folks in sci-fi are here in line with us! Energy and excitement is at fever pitch. I’ve got lots to say about Bear’s concert last night, but I’ll save it for a […]


Live From SDCC: Bear McCreary Concert Photos

An intrepid GWCer (whose name we’ll keep secret to protect the guilty) pantsed a camera to slip it by the House of Blues security staff and bring you these photos from the show. Yes, they’re a little shady. But hey: they (note my Chasing Amy pronoun game) weren’t able to pull the camera out much. […]


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