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Eff This Week #51: Agent Scherbatsky Is Not An Extra

We talk Big Bird, clone debaters, and how a legitimate deficit will shut itself down, plus wonder how anyone could still be “undecided” at this point. Audra talks Sports, giving props to Detroit’s triple crown baseballer Miguel Cabrera, and Juan and Chuck debate the real importance of Cobie Smulders to the Avengers. We complain about […]


Eff This Week #42: Nut Scrubs

This week we Frak, Fight, and Bodyswap with the cast of Scrubs,¬†entering into some disturbing scenarios with Snoop Dogg Attending, The Janitor, Gift Shop Girl, and Dr. BeardFace, among others. We debut our Google-Free-Five: Space Trivia theme, in which the chat room owns us with trivia we thought we could answer sans electronic appendages. And […]


Eff This Week #11: Shaved Ginger Biscuit

Effin’ the post-fake-Thanksgiving Thursday, is this week’s crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: The chat room tells us about the fabled gingerbread donut. Chuck wonders why Siri doesn’t understand stardates. Non-Texans discover that it’s actually cold in texas. Audra tells a one-time-at-band-camp story. And we profess our continuing love for Scrubs.


GWC #194: Batman, Modern Warfare, Interview with Bob Greenberger, The Blanks

This week: Former DC and Marvel Comics editor Bob Greenberger brings us up to speed on Batman and discusses his awesome Essential Batman Encyclopedia. We get our a capella geek on with The Blanks (a.k.a. Ted’s Band from Scrubs). And we talk V, sharing our thoughts about the new remake. In the news: Dollhouse’s cancellation […]


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