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NPR Interviews Manga Bible Author/Illustrator

Ajinbayo “Siku” Akinsuku is receiving a lot of press lately for his interpretation of the Bible in Japanise manga form. But there’s nothing like hearing about the project from its creator. If you’ve got a minute — thirteen minutes, actually — check out NPR’s interview with Siku himself. Author Gives Bible A Twist Of Manga […]


Cylon Nirvana?

According to the Battlestar Wiki, at one point in the series the priest Elosha delivers a sermon in Sanskrit, an ancient language of the Indian subcontinent. While trying to figure out how Eastern religion might play into the BSG world and why the writers would choose Sanskrit, especially with a people whose religion is predominantly […]


What is God?

Ok, I’ll admit it — I was raised Lutheran. At one point during confirmation class, the pastor decided to give us an “exam” which consisted of one question only: What is God? My answer — “a small bit of fuzz in the universe’s navel” — didn’t seem nearly as insightful and entertaining to him as […]


A Pithy Oracle…

The appearance of the Oracle in recent BSG episodes sparked a lot of interesting speculation in podcast #10, and I realized I didn’t know much about the origins of the Oracle in Greek mythology (which seems to be the basis for a lot of the colonial religion in BSG). The following is from the definition […]


Religious Tolerance in the World of BSG

There’s beena lot of talk about the creating and casting of strong female characters in BSG, but that’s not the only area where BSG has broken from the past to some extent. Though religion plays a very important role in the show, not all the main characters are religious — and the other characters in […]


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