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GWC #337: Villains We Love, Part 1: Dr. Evil

In this episode, we kick off our “Villains We Love to Love” arc with a look at the sympathetic and narcissistic Doctor Evil, his pitiful, neutered grasping for power, and the important line between villains who are likable, heroic foils and villains who are just plain scary. ¬†We also give props to the Brits’ sense […]


Reboots Galore: Red Dawn

The folks over at Slice of SciFi are reporting some casting news on a purported reboot of the 1984 movie Red Dawn. For those of you not, erm, old enough to remember the flick, here’s a quick summary: Russians invade the US of A, dropping paratroopers right next to a small-town high school. A few […]


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