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Reader Theories: Zarek’s a Cylon. Or Roslin’s a Cylon.

Keith C. wrote: I have a theory on who the revealed Cylon will be in Season 3. I believe it will be Tom Zarek for the following reasons: 1. He is one of the few people who could be a Cylon without having to be a sleeper agent (as far as believability is concerned). Also, […]


Reader Theory: Lampkin’s Accent

Kevin writes: I think that Lampkin is Baltar’s brother or in some way connected to his past. My main reason for this is the fact that in the “Dirty Hands” episode when Baltar was talking about his secret past as a farmer’s son on Arelon, he started speaking with a different accent, and even a […]


Reader Theory: Tyrol for President?

Cavatar writes: “The Chief has, even if he does not know it, found himself in a position of great opportunity.He is now the Union leader for EVERY working human left alive. He is also a part of the working military… Now I don’t know how long Roslin’s term is. If we assume that they use […]


“Left Behind” on New Caprica

Cavatar writes: “The Number 3 never set off the nuke on New Caprica after Baltar found Hera, and if the Cylons left New Caprica after the humans fled, then it might be safe to assume that they have no reason to return. I bring this up because my question is: Did all the humans make […]


Reader Theory: Hybrids and Toasters

Boxytheboxed writes: “What if the toasters weren’t the ones that made the skinjobs, perhaps it was the hybrids? The entire tech for the cylons seem robotic in nature –the toasters could have created the basestars andraiders (in Jupiter the raiders to the planet looked very much like toasters). I think the toasters created the hybrids, […]


Reader Theory: Jumping Jupiter!

Ken writes: “In the episodeThe Passage Baltar and Number 3 talk to the hybrid and receive something like a prophecy from her concerning the Eye of Jupiter. Whether this is a place or an artifact is not really clear, but the odd thing is the name Jupiter. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek […]


Reader Theory: The Meaning of the Phoenix

Arktis writes: “Battlestar Galactica at its core is about the advancement of technology to the point that (due to human nature), it reaches a level that is dangerous and uncontrollable. The Cylons are the ultimate personification of this idea, and literally want to replace humans. “The solution offered in BSG is that humanity has to […]


Reader Theory: The Cylons Were Looking for Earth All Along?

Armando writes: “So I just watched Kobol’s Last Gleaming again. It strikes me that when Starbuck finds the arrow of Apollo in the Delphi museum the Number Six that ambushes her there seems very interested in the arrow. Could it be that the Cylon plan involved finding Earth all along and that they simply needed […]


Reader Theory: The Nature of God in BSG

Galacti-Geek AJ writes: “Throughout the first season, I often found myself wondering what the nature of God was in the BSG Universe. Faith— or lack thereof — in God had a significant effect on events within the show. The events surrounding the Olympic Carrier in 33, the Tylium refinery in Hand of God, and the […]


Reader Theory: A Cylon Device in Baltar’s Nervous System?

Arktis says: “Baltar has a Cylon device somewhere in his nervous system instead of his brain. This is why it didn’t show on his brain scan, why it doesn’t appear to have direct control, and why it has to spend a lot of time convincing him of things. Think of it as being similar to […]


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