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Modern Geek #85: Late September

A much belated episode of Modern Geek! Chuck and Juan talk about the new iPhone(s), discover that RaspyFi has duplicated their MPD/Raspberry Pi music server setup, and discuss DIY hardware and its role in outside-the-box innovation.


Modern Geek #83: June Omnibus

It’s been a month between Modern Geeks, and Chuck and Juan deliver a bonus-length episode! Chuck takes us through his latest purchase (a weatherproof/sportproof camera), Juan finds yet another use for a Raspberry Pi (a sprinkler automation system), and both have a lot to say about the recent developments with Microsoft and XBOX One.


Modern Geek #82: MPD, XBOX One

Juan and Chuck continue their deep dive into deploying Raspberry Pi’s for home use, this week getting a music server going using the open-source project MPD. They also take a look at the XBOX One (Juan?) announcement.


Modern Geek #81: Rasplex and App Updates

Juan’s moved into his new place, and has discovered yet another use for a Raspberry Pi – as a Plex media frontend using Rasplex. Chuck and Juan also take a look at some of the recent iOS app updates.


Modern Geek #80: Pi for All Seasons

Chuck and Juan take a look at some practical applications for the Raspberry Pi, including a low-cost print server and a unique take on a home audio solution. Also, we discuss some recent community feedback.


Modern Geek #66: Lost Islands, Lost Months, and Tiny Tablets

We wrap up Black Friday coverage with some listener calls, including a¬†beleaguered Buy More employee. We take a look at some crazy news items, including a lost island in the South Pacific, the lost month of December on Android 4.2, and how to enable LTE on the Nexus 4 for some Canadian carriers. And we […]


Modern Geek #61: Showrooming

What a week – Microsoft decrees itself a devices and services company, Best Buy is price matching Amazon, and the Raspberry Pi now sports 512MB! We discuss the creeping migration from the “own your software” model to a “software as a service” rate plan, and start to realize that our minds may be changing on […]


Modern Geek #59: Pis, Eyes, and Maps (Oh My?)

We discuss recent bootloader changes that enable the Raspberry Pi to retain longer performance relevance — a critical change for the Pi’s low-buck education and net access purpose. We take a (verbal) look at Australia’s new “bionic eye” and how it demonstrates the power of multi-disciplinary research to change the world. We recognize the powerful […]


Modern Geek #47: The Microsoft Surface

We run down the news from last week’s Microsoft event announcing the Surface tablet, and we offer our analysis. Short take: The Surface isn’t a direct iPad competitor, but rather a device cutting the middle between ultrabook and tablet. We’re excited. Also: We receive our Raspberry Pi and talk a bit about our plans for […]


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