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Answers to the Pegasus CAG Question

So while on vactaion the whole Pegasus CAG chain was driving me crazy. Luckily The Alpaca Herder lets us in on the chain of command – that we know about thus far – on the Pegasus as we were nothing short of totally guessing in the podcast last week with Chuck swearing Lee was CAG […]


What makes us human?

The biggest issue in A Measure of Salvation, IMHO, was the question of what makes us human — a question that’s core to BSG and has been addressed in many different ways in the show to date. Are we human because we can love? Because we hate? Because we can reproduce? When Adama and Roslin […]


A Measure of… Letdown?

OK, I’ll admit it. I was a little let down with the last BSG episode as well. (I say “as well” because I’ve seen the comments on the last few posts and the last podcast, and I know that a good number of you feel this way as well.) One question, though: Wouldn’t almost anything […]


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