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Geek Call to Arms

I have an hour commute everyday which affords me the luxery of being able to consume a great deal of podcasts and movies. I received from Netflix a slew of movies I had been looking forward to seeing but never got to see in the theater. The Dark Knight Rises. Total Recall. Chronicle. Battleship. Underworld […]


GWC #328: Space Geeking

We talk specifically about how the US space program affected us during our formative years, and we speculate on how it might play into the development of today’s young geeks. And we run down the week in geek, including new Spider-Man and Total Recall trailers, awesome Robocop casting news (on two fronts!), the current popularity […]


Eff This Week #19: Chuck Rant

This week, Chuck rants. And rants some more. And is a general butthead. Yeah, he’s often that way, but tonight’s special. Maybe Juan will be back next week to shut him the hell up. Your crew this week: Audra and Chuck. But sadly not Juan. (Please come back next week, Juan.)


Why Neil dGrasse Tyson Will Voice The New Cosmos

The Operator tipped me to the above video this week — for obvious reasons. Here’s my take: Forget which side of the aisle your politics lean toward. Forget who you voted for in 2008, and forget who you’re going to vote for in 2012. I don’t care, and I don’t really want to hear about […]


GWC Fantasy Sci-fi Interlude: Solid Edition

I’ve been in a GWC fantasy football league for the past two seasons. Fantasy football is a fun way to spend time with the GWC community as well as learn more about players, teams, and football in general than you’ll ever want to learn. The GWC Fantasy Sci-fi League is like that except better. You […]


Failing to Suspend Your Disbelief

As fans of Sci-Fi and fantasy stories, we have all developed the skill of suspending our disbelief in some of the more fantastical elements of the stories we enjoy. We read a fantasy story and don’t ask why the spell works when you say funny words. When we read a Sci-Fi story, we don’t ask […]


SciFi Changes Reputation Through Homonym Use

According to and Twitter, the SciFi network is finally ridding itself of its geeky image by changing its name to the slick new “SyFy,” which will attract the desirable demographics of hot women and people who hate science fiction. After years of suffering the stigma of “geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements […]


Primal Scream and Salvation

My homie David0207 sent me a link to a trailer. I viewed it. A bloodlust roar started in my gut and worked its way to my throat. My arms were pumping in the air before I knew what was happening. My head tilted up and the fury of sound escaped. Viewed from outside my body […]


Give The Earth a Chance

It’s often difficult to be a Science Fiction fan. We must endure much. The disdain of our fellow man for our geekness and the outright fury of our own geekly kind for holding contrary views to their contrary views – oh yes it is quite a complicated existence. As rabid fans of all things sci-fi we […]


Prequels, Reboots, Atlantis, Universe, And Galactica

I’m a prequel hater. No, not those prequels or even prequels in general, but rather the fact that for years “prequel” has been the buzzword that’s grabbed hold of seemingly every major franchise in existence and twisted it to ask “what came before?” Sometimes it’s great to know what came before. But sometimes I just […]


Let The Hating Begin…

Any time a sci-fi series receives the amount of positive press that Battlestar Galactica has received since its explosive season four premiere earlier this month, it draws out the haters. And whether they’re the “I don’t see what’s so great about it” type or the “I could’ve done it better” crowd, they’re always around to […]


Christopher Lloyd In Trek III: Cracked’s Fifth Worst Cameo

Sure, most adults who saw The Search for Spock in the theater recognized Christopher Lloyd’s Klingon Commander Kruge as Jim from Taxi. This is Cracked’s reason for listing this “cameo” as the fifth worst in history. But luckily for me, I was young enough that I didn’t watch Taxi at the time. In fact, when […]


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