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Modern Geek #53: Travel Apps, an Awesome Tech Backpack, and Twist

In honor of Juan’s upcoming trip, we take a look at one of the coolest tech backpacks we’ve seen: the North Face Surge II, which features tons of pockets, dedicated laptop and tablet storage, and a build worthy of a K2 expedition. We review two awesome travel apps: FlightTrack PRO, which provides flight tracking and […]


Modern Geek #52: Shared Task Lists, Mountain Lion Update Experiences

Juan shares his early Mountain Lion upgrade experiences with no major issues in the first day or so of regular use. And Chuck walks us through a hard-to-find, unadvertised feature of the built-in Reminders application in OS 5.x — shared task lists! Perfect for household grocery lists and to-dos, Reminders features push-updates as well as […]


Modern Geek #34: Apple Pre-Event, Win Skype

We put a little thought into this week’s Apple event and its likely launch of the iPad 3. We discover that Microsoft Flight is going free-to-play. We talk about Microsoft’s push for Win-phone Skype compatibility. We discuss AT&T’s latest wireless data bandwidth fiasco. And we think about HBO’s future with the XBox.


Cost Kills Eureka: A “Subway-style” Opportunity?

Our friends over at Slice of SciFi picked up on Eureka producer Amy Berg’s tweets, explaining the reasons behind the show’s cancellation. From their news piece: “Everyone is asking why [the show was cancelled]. It’s simple, really. We are the network’s golden child in every way, except for profit margins. Fact is, Eureka is an […]


“Push” Rules

Push didn’t promote itself well. Released almost a year to the day after the similarly-themed and poorly-received Jumper and featuring a synopsis that sounds like a repeat episode of Heroes — or worse, X-Men Lite — the movie doesn’t first present itself as something you have to see. So most people didn’t, including me. Fortunately, […]


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