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GWC #356: Alien Sex, The Tannen Law

We blast into 2013 with some nooooooos! and enjoy some classic GWC banter. And we run down the Week in Geek, including newly revealed details about Gates McFadden’s Season 2 departure from Next Gen (it had to do with sexism, despite the gender equality Beverly insists upon to Soren of the sack-cloth); the UK’s X-rating of the original […]


GWC #351: James Bond, Part I

This ‘cast we dive into 007’s universe of cars, gadgets, sex, and intrigue. We identify our favorite Bond cars (and jets, submarines, and motorcycles), give props to Sean Connery’s 1950s physique and sexiness-to-age ratio, and discuss the evolution of the early, one-dimensional “Robo-Bond” into the still-cool but emotionally motivated, complex, modern Bond. Plus we run […]


GWC #346: Corn on Macabre

This week we celebrate Halloween by taking a close look at the psychology of scariness, including why zombies, ghosts, and Grim Reapers give so many of us delightful thrills rather than existential horror. Why are we fascinated with death and the afterlife? It’s part of what makes us human. We look at cultural differences in […]


Eff This Week #51: Agent Scherbatsky Is Not An Extra

We talk Big Bird, clone debaters, and how a legitimate deficit will shut itself down, plus wonder how anyone could still be “undecided” at this point. Audra talks Sports, giving props to Detroit’s triple crown baseballer Miguel Cabrera, and Juan and Chuck debate the real importance of Cobie Smulders to the Avengers. We complain about […]


GWC #337: Villains We Love, Part 1: Dr. Evil

In this episode, we kick off our “Villains We Love to Love” arc with a look at the sympathetic and narcissistic Doctor Evil, his pitiful, neutered grasping for power, and the important line between villains who are likable, heroic foils and villains who are just plain scary.  We also give props to the Brits’ sense […]


GWC #335: “B” Movie Arc, Part 2: Total Recall

We continue our “B” movie arc with the epically cheesy 1990 sci-fi flick Total Recall and realize that Arnold’s mechanical acting is ideal for a robot or a comic straight man but less convincing in Recall‘s mind-frak thriller landscape. We discuss the evolution of profanity in movies from the 80s to now, marvel at the fact that Recall‘s […]


GWC #331: Toys, Part 2

We reminisce on our favorite childhood toys and delve into memories of specific character-building moments. Audra recalls the excitement of older cousins’ 1980 Hot Wheels City Play Set and Castle Grayskull fortress, and admits her own favorite toy was selected for its smell. Chuck and Sean geek out on Matchbox cars, model rockets, and the […]


GWC #330: Toys, Part 1

We revel in remembering some of the best (and worst) toys of our childhoods, give props to homemade toys, and realize how much toys shape the kind of people we become. We recall what it was like to polish your own rocks, struggle with the infernal spirograph, try to get any real speed on a […]


Save Eureka #43: S05E10 The Honeymooners

We sympathize with Carter’s sweet-but-crappy honeymoon plans to renovate a dilapidated love shack/death trap and explore the questions sci-fi raises about humanity with the separation of a person’s “essence” from a corporeal state. We discuss the show’s interestingly humanist view that existing in some physical form really does make you more whole, marvel at Felicia […]


The New FemShep and Female Game Protagonists

The votes are in: FemShep will be a kick-ass ginger. This week at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), BioWare unveiled the final image of the female Commander Shepard for the cover of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 (to be released in March 2012). In two heavily debated rounds of voting, fans on Facebook voted for […]


Get Your Props (And Art): Heroes Auctions

NBC is again auctioning a number of Heroes props — and more importantly, a number of canvas prints of original Giclee art from the show. My personal favorite: Hiro vs. Dinosaur, pictured above and starting at a $250 opening bid. The bad news: the art from NBC’s last round of auctions went for $2,500 to […]


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