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GWC #298: Geek Gifts

We talk about some of our favorite geek gifts this holiday season. And we run down the week in geek, including lots more Skyrim love, a discussion of The Captains documentary, new Trek 2/12 news (filming and work on effects shots has begun), Sean’s take on Anita Blake audiobooks and sex in magic, some talk […]


Knowledge Through Visualization

The human mind can recognize patterns that remain invisible to even the most powerful computers. But we’re stuck with some nasty limitations. We can only see relatively small amount of “raw” data at a given moment. That’s where visualization comes in. By laying out data visually, we encode data into additional channels. When we look […]


GWC #266: What If?

We dive into some of the great late-night, had-a-few-beers “what if” questions of sci-fi. And we run down the week in geek, including a Star Trek porn update (including casting specifics), failed Trek series pitched by cast members, new Tron 3 news, Top Gun (the movie)’s return to theaters this month, a new Pixar “Disney […]


Unexpected Adventure and Dogs

I know what you’re thinking: You’re thinking, “Did he just use Dug as an excuse to put a picture of his dog on the blog?” Yes. Yes I did. I saw Disney/Pixar’s UP today and still couldn’t get enough of Dug the dog. Hence the plushed out Dug sitting with my bestest friend Talat. I can’t […]


Going To The Dogs

This is Dug. Dug is the impossibly lovable dog in Pixar’s new movie UP which opens 05.29.09. If you haven’t seen the trailer it might be easy to miss Dug’s sweet collar. Of all the Sci-Fi devices I’ve ever seen or even heard about – this dog to human/human to dog translator collar is, by far, the first […]


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