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WarGames Remake Inches Closer

Collider reported this week that MGM hired Noah Oppenheim to pen the forthcoming WarGames update, with Seth Gordon to direct. Oppenheim is a bit of a question mark as a screenwriter. His IMDb page lists producer credits (Losing It with Jillian, Today, Hardball with Chris Matthews), but no completed screenwriting gigs — though Collider reports […]


Behind The Mic: Dr. Henry Jenkins

In this week’s Galactic Watercooler podcast we aired an interview that Audra and I did with Dr. Henry Jenkins. He’s an incredibly interesting guy, both to academics and fans. In fact, he calls himself an “AcaFan”–a hybrid of the two. From the “about” page of his website, Textual Poachers and much of my subsequent […]


Genocide: What is it good for?

There’s been a lot of really good discussion here in comments regarding the colonial attempt at genocide in A Measure of Salvation, and I thought I’d run down some of the arguments along with some of the commenters espousing them. Since I’m exerpting, you can click on the commenter’s name to see the entire comment […]


What makes us human?

The biggest issue in A Measure of Salvation, IMHO, was the question of what makes us human — a question that’s core to BSG and has been addressed in many different ways in the show to date. Are we human because we can love? Because we hate? Because we can reproduce? When Adama and Roslin […]


The Centurion Glass Ceiling

Allow me a flight of fancy for just a sec. Imagine yourself a fresh new graduate of Cylon basic training. In the 20 seconds that tick by between your basic processing and your new career assignment you find your hopeful, gear-clanking mind wandering to your awesome new purpose in life. Perhaps you’ll be a leader […]


Meat Processors (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cylons)

There’s nothing at all wrong with the fact that we’ve all been totally geeking out over the last week or two, just breathing in the sweet air of sci-fi battle goodness. We could talk for an hour about the Galactica’s incredible arrival in Exodus, Pt. 2 — not to mention Pegasus’ save-the-dayjump— but…Wait. We did […]


The Adolescence of Sentience

Isn’t it interesting that after the little speech about the first act of Cylon on Cylon violence that we see an act of the same kind of violence from an Aaron by shooting Caprica Six in the head? Taking that a bit further I wonder if since they know that they will be returned to […]


Shake Off This Mortal Coil

Something has been bothering me about the cylon for some time now and I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it till now. With Audra’s last post about cylon on cylon violence it struck me. One of the things that make us human is the fact that we get one go at […]


Cylons vs. Pod People – Who wants to be a human-heir?

I just watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the first time the other night (I know, I know) and it was awesome. As you might guess, I was intrigued by how many common themes the movie shares with BSG, especially when they discover the pod people Look Like Us Now. A really weird scene […]


The Rules of Engagement

In response to Sean’s post: “Are Cylons More Human than Human?” It’s obviously true that the Cylons have shown no compassion, restraint, or respect for human rules of war when fighting humans. I’m not sure the Cylons have no rules of war- that is, they probably have rules that say they shouldn’t destroy their own […]


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