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An Open Letter to Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg: Dear sirs, I want to make you aware of the tremendous opportunity that lays dormant right in front of you. As you break the script for the upcoming Transformers movie I hope you will give a moment of consideration to including the greatest Transformer ever (except […]


GWC #172: Transformers 2 (Live Studio Audience)

We join a group of northeastern GWCers to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Times Square then talk through the movie with their able help! Highlights: We enjoy the film’s awesome action, tear up at Prime’s dedication and sacrifice, discuss the Matrix of Leadership’s important role in the new film, wish for a ‘Bee […]


GWC #171: Transformers (2007)

We catch up with the 2007 live-action Transformers movie in preparation for this week’s Transformers 2 premiere! Highlights: we discuss the movie’s awesome soundtrack, point out the movie’s awesome demostrations of the practical aspects of transforming, discover just how cool a homie Bumblebee can be, learn that Chuck is sadly underinformed re: Australia, note that […]


GWC #170: Transformers The Movie (1986)

Up this week: The 1986 Transformers animated movie. Features: We discuss the movie’s unique soundtrack, note the underwater Heavy Metal tribute, guess what Transformer mall stores might be like, love on Grimlock, mourn the loss of Optimus Prime, enjoy the rise of Rodimus Prime, tear into what it takes to be a real leader (and […]


GWC #169: Transformers Primer, Part II

Today we finish up our Transformers primer, heading into the 1986 movie next. Highlights: we discuss new-Transformer acting prowess, place GoBots and RoboTech (including one special crossover) in context, wonder about Daniel’s mother, point out that Transformers do age, get into Arcee and Elita One specifics (and lack of Madonna cones), talk Transformer sex (yes, […]


GWC GWC Podcast #168: Transformers Primer, Part I

Join us as we (well, mostly Sean) offer some insight into what makes Transformers a great source of sci-fi stories. Highlights (brought to you this week by Audra): We discuss some of the origins of the Autobots and Decepticons and why they become vehilces/dinosaurs/animals, talk loyalty and what it means in the Transformers universe, explore […]


GWC Direct-To-Archive #2

Join us as we rewatch and discuss the live-action Transformers movie the same day it released to DVD and HD-DVD. Highlights: we review the historyand various story lines of Transformers, geek out over slow-motion battles, question the meaning of life and the concept of DNA-based computers (and Furbys), love on Michael Bay, enjoy the embarrassment […]


Honey, It’s Optimus Prime On The Phone — For You!

I’m normally not a fan of marketing schemes like this — but this one is easily the coolest thing I’ve run across in many days. Once I heard, “Chuck, this is Optimus Prime…” I didn’t give a damn what they do with my information. I’ve already bought the DVD anyway. It’s just totally worth it. […]


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