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Modern Geek #74: Taxes and Pennies

Canadia time! We discuss Juan’s online-tax-filing woes, and take a look at Canada’s retirement of the penny, discussing the impact from a consumer standpoint, and wonder at the round-to-five-cents coding nightmare most point of sale software must now be facing. We also revisit the discussion of the Surface Pro after receiving some great feedback from […]


Modern Geek #64: RAID Woes, IFTTT, App Updates

Juan tells us a bit about his recent RAID woes and offers advice for how to think about storage and backup. We take a look at the site (pronounced like “gift” without the G) which helps you automate tasks between online services like Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, and Google Drive. We note the passing of […]


Modern Geek #60: Purple Flare

Chuck and Juan take an in-depth look at digital content rights and journalistic censorship on the internet, and how online news media is getting the short end of the ContentID stick. We also discuss the recent Skype phishing attacks, and check in with the fight against the “Microsoft Tech Support” phone scam. Also, we discuss […]


Modern Geek #59: Pis, Eyes, and Maps (Oh My?)

We discuss recent bootloader changes that enable the Raspberry Pi to retain longer performance relevance — a critical change for the Pi’s low-buck education and net access purpose. We take a (verbal) look at Australia’s new “bionic eye” and how it demonstrates the power of multi-disciplinary research to change the world. We recognize the powerful […]


Modern Geek #56: Phones for Fitness, Listener Mail

Getting into walking, running, or riding for fitness? Have a smartphone? We share some paths to connect the two, turning the gear you already own into a GPS-enabled recording device for automatically tracking your efforts and plugging into online communities for encouragement. We also delve into the world of ANT+ wireless sensors, which (with the […]


SDCC 2012: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel

As they announced at the panel this year, Stan Lee’s new YouTube Channel, World of Heroes, will feature eight new shows. The panel included Stan Lee (the man is hilarious!), Mark Hamill (he did the Joker voice!), Peter David (The Hulk), Jace Hall (executive producer on the recent ABC remake of V), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model […]


Modern Geek #45: Call Show

Juan and Chuck catch up by taking some listener calls including questions about selecting an HDTV to use as a large computer monitor and how to read Amazon and other online reviews critically.


Eff This Week #34: Two Bawls and a Weiner

Juan shares his preferred junior high fast food order. Chuck shares a lame-ass Classic Mac gaming experience. And we discuss online friendships and how they work. (No, really. See? We can be deep sometimes!) Your crew this week: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. (Heh. Hehehe. I said “deep.”)


Modern Geek #20: Twitter iOS Updates/Desktop Software Sales

This week Twitter deployed major changes to their iPhone app, and we run down the new changes and what they mean to your online social life. We discuss when it makes sense to pay (sometimes big bucks) for a mobile app and when to stick to the freebies. And we take a look at some […]


Modern Geek #16: Black Friday/Password Security

We offer some advice on how to avoid disappointing Black Friday purchases. We talk about password security and how you can easily and dramatically increase the security of your online accounts and identity. And we take a listener call about cellular data plans.


Crysis: What I Was Missing

I was feeling a bit under the weather, and for once it was raining all weekend so I was stuck inside. When this occurs, a rather grumpy monster forms inside my brain that craves new media. Be it movie, anime, or game, I must consume something. I happened to have some Microsoft points gifted to […]


WarGames Remake Inches Closer

Collider reported this week that MGM hired Noah Oppenheim to pen the forthcoming WarGames update, with Seth Gordon to direct. Oppenheim is a bit of a question mark as a screenwriter. His IMDb page lists producer credits (Losing It with Jillian, Today, Hardball with Chris Matthews), but no completed screenwriting gigs — though Collider reports […]


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