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Reader Theory: A Cylon Device in Baltar’s Nervous System?

Arktis says: “Baltar has a Cylon device somewhere in his nervous system instead of his brain. This is why it didn’t show on his brain scan, why it doesn’t appear to have direct control, and why it has to spend a lot of time convincing him of things. Think of it as being similar to […]


Shooting A Fellow Cylon In The Head: A Slap in The Face?

As Audra mentions in her Cylon-on-Cylon Violence post below, it was a bit shocking to see Caprica Six get shot in the head — and it did sort of chafe a bit on No. 3’s noting of Caprica Six’s rock-to-her-head as the first Cylon-on-Cylon violence. Have the Cylon really gone from “do no harm (to […]


Baltar’s Six/Six’s Baltar

We just finished our marathon run through the whole Galactica canon — just in time for tonight’s premiere! — and this time around I was really struck by the appearance of Baltar in “Caprica Six’s” head. I suppose the first time around I was so overwhelmed by the humanity’s surrender that I missed some really […]


Head Games, Not Just For Humans Anymore

While skimming through a bit of season 2.0 I stopped at the scenes where Six and Boomer wake up in the pod-of-goo. I was struck by two things. The first was how much connection both of them upon waking up had with their former lives. They seemed to be very concerned with what (to them […]


Cylons vs. Pod People – Who wants to be a human-heir?

I just watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the first time the other night (I know, I know) and it was awesome. As you might guess, I was intrigued by how many common themes the movie shares with BSG, especially when they discover the pod people Look Like Us Now. A really weird scene […]


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