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An Interview With @FakeGrimlock

Are you a Transformers fan? Do you enjoy reading funny and/or geek-related Twitter streams? If either and/or both the answers to those questions are yes, I wholeheartedly recommend you follow @FakeGrimlock. There’s just something special about an eons-old Dinobot making his entrance to the internet through Twitter. Whether it’s his robot brain damage or semi-ambivalence […]


GWC #249: Tron, Part I

We discuss art, artificial intelligence, and ’80s hacker movies with a re-watch of Tron in preparation for next week’s Tron Legacy release. And we run down the week in geek, including a Chuck fan who changed his name to Captain Awesome, selenology fail and robot awesomeness in the new Transformers 3 trailer, commentary on Halo’s […]


It’s An Honor To Be Nominated… And It’s About Time

Wassup all — it’s the Operator! It’s award season! That special time of year when LA folks start name-dropping and talking incessantly about who’s who of the what’s what in movies (okay, that’s year round). ANYway, the Producers Guild of America has chosen their nominees for Best Picture. Usually, this list includes one, maybe two […]


Meet The Real Dude April 19th In Red Bank

All of you lucky Dudes in the great northeast will have the opportunity to meet Jeff Dowd — the man who reportedly inspired the Coen brothers’ famous slacker, the Dude. He’s the special guest at an April 19th screening of The Big Lebowski at the Count Basie theater in Red Bank, NJ. From the event’s […]


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