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Modern Geek #6: XBox TV, Cable Management

We ponder the possibility of Microsoft “Appling” the cable TV industry with an upcoming release of a Kinect-powered streaming/on-demand video service. We discuss some of the many options available to keep cables under control in your desk and home theater setup. Chuck rants a bit about HDMI standards. And we hear from a listener about […]


Avatar Artistry

Waiting for the Xbox 360 Halo Limited Edition Bundle to be delivered is driving me crazy. Fortunately, Microsoft set up things so I can keep myself busy online at while I wait. Last time I described how I choose my Gamertag when I set up my Xbox Live Family Gold Pack (see my post […]


Grabbing A Great Gamertag

With the Xbox 360 Halo Reach Limited Edition Bundle on its way (see my previous GWC Blog post “Got Game? An Xbox 360 Voyage Begins“), I was faced with a dilemma. It was now time to establish my Xbox Live account. Shooter Jr and I had already decided that we would go halvsies on a […]


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