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Modern Geek #86: OS Blowout, Skype Woes, New Nexi, and WANBox

We enjoy Windows 8.1’s fixes and discuss what the update means in terms of Microsoft’s (surprisingly functional) positioning of Windows across the tablet and PC market. We run down Steam OS and consider its potential in the connected home. We round up some of the most recent OS X Mavericks troubles. We study the specs […]


Modern Geek #83: June Omnibus

It’s been a month between Modern Geeks, and Chuck and Juan deliver a bonus-length episode! Chuck takes us through his latest purchase (a weatherproof/sportproof camera), Juan finds yet another use for a Raspberry Pi (a sprinkler automation system), and both have a lot to say about the recent developments with Microsoft and XBOX One.


Modern Geek #73: Buy No More, 23G <> 64G

We discuss the closure of numerous Canadian Best Buy locations (without knowledge of the staff!). We (sorta) lament the passing of Stickam. We marvel at Microsoft’s ever-worse marketing plan for the Surface with the release of a 64G model–with only 23G usable.


Modern Geek #64: RAID Woes, IFTTT, App Updates

Juan tells us a bit about his recent RAID woes and offers advice for how to think about storage and backup. We take a look at the site (pronounced like “gift” without the G) which helps you automate tasks between online services like Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, and Google Drive. We note the passing of […]


Modern Geek #62: Digital Rights Mashup

This week we continue our Microsoft discussion, talking about Halo 4, XBOX Live account rights, and what you need to know with the release of Windows 8 vs. Windows RT. We take another look at the benefits and detriments of cloud-based services, and review Apple’s unfortunately disappointing Podcasts app. Plus, we read some listener feedback […]


Modern Geek #61: Showrooming

What a week – Microsoft decrees itself a devices and services company, Best Buy is price matching Amazon, and the Raspberry Pi now sports 512MB! We discuss the creeping migration from the “own your software” model to a “software as a service” rate plan, and start to realize that our minds may be changing on […]


Modern Geek #60: Purple Flare

Chuck and Juan take an in-depth look at digital content rights and journalistic censorship on the internet, and how online news media is getting the short end of the ContentID stick. We also discuss the recent Skype phishing attacks, and check in with the fight against the “Microsoft Tech Support” phone scam. Also, we discuss […]


Modern Geek #58: Dissuading “Tech Fail” Overreactions

With Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google each in the news this week for purported “tech fails”, there’s been no lack of overreaction from the technology community. Chuck and Juan take a moment to cut through the FUD and analyze what’s really going on.


Modern Geek #47: The Microsoft Surface

We run down the news from last week’s Microsoft event announcing the Surface tablet, and we offer our analysis. Short take: The Surface isn’t a direct iPad competitor, but rather a device cutting the middle between ultrabook and tablet. We’re excited. Also: We receive our Raspberry Pi and talk a bit about our plans for […]


Modern Geek #34: Apple Pre-Event, Win Skype

We put a little thought into this week’s Apple event and its likely launch of the iPad 3. We discover that Microsoft Flight is going free-to-play. We talk about Microsoft’s push for Win-phone Skype compatibility. We discuss AT&T’s latest wireless data bandwidth fiasco. And we think about HBO’s future with the XBox.


Modern Geek #31: Win8, Antennagate, Switching, Clear App Review

We run down the news, including Apple’s final “antennagate” settlement (hint: you probably already got yours), our take on the new Windows 8 logo (and Microsoft’s Win8 future), Google’s new Chrome “sign in,” the new Minecraft-themed Lego sets, and this week’s WebOS governance rules announcement. We also offer some tips to a listener who asked […]


Crysis: What I Was Missing

I was feeling a bit under the weather, and for once it was raining all weekend so I was stuck inside. When this occurs, a rather grumpy monster forms inside my brain that craves new media. Be it movie, anime, or game, I must consume something. I happened to have some Microsoft points gifted to […]


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