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GWC #255: Animation Arc, Part III

We wrap up our animation arc with Appleseed Ex Machina. And we run down the week in geek including Lucas/Spielberg/Rogan’s 2012 fun, Anne Hathaway’s possible Catwoman appearance in the next Batman flick, discussion of the first X-Men First Class cast photos, one guy’s $300 superhero short, our feelings about the Comcast-NBC marriage, Square Enix’s FF […]


Four Weddings and a Cylon

I mentioned in podcast #8 that at least four weddings between main characters have taken place off-screen since the fleet’s settlement on New Caprica: Starbuck and Anders, Chief Tyrol and Cally, Dee and Apollo, and…Helo and Sharon. In the Season 3 premiere episode Sharon is formally inducted into the fleet (again), given a uniform, and […]


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