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FitSmart #38: Holiday Forgiveness

In this episode of FitSmart, we implore you to give yourself a much-needed break this holiday season. Keep that “screw you” spirit strong and make your own decisions about exercise and diet during the holidays, but once you’ve made a decision, accept it and enjoy yourself. Also, we take a listener calls.


GWC #352: James Bond Part II: Skyfall

In this episode we continue to talk Bond, with Skyfall. And we take listener calls about all kinds of stuff!


FitSmart #36: Data For The Long Term

We discuss how to collect and interpret data when working on long-term fitness goals. We dispel the myth that women who don’t wish to “bulk up” shouldn’t lift. And we take some great listener calls including a tale of Thanksgiving dinner and an insightful question about how to manage meals in a household packed with […]


Modern Geek #66: Lost Islands, Lost Months, and Tiny Tablets

We wrap up Black Friday coverage with some listener calls, including a¬†beleaguered Buy More employee. We take a look at some crazy news items, including a lost island in the South Pacific, the lost month of December on Android 4.2, and how to enable LTE on the Nexus 4 for some Canadian carriers. And we […]


Modern Geek #65: Black Friday/Holiday Buying for Geeks

We discuss some past bad experiences with Black Friday shopping deals and offer recommendations for avoiding disappointment. We offer some suggestions for saving on holiday shipping. We dive into the world of buying holiday presents for geeks — people who are, by definition, seriously picky about what they like. And we take listener calls, including […]


Modern Geek #64: RAID Woes, IFTTT, App Updates

Juan tells us a bit about his recent RAID woes and offers advice for how to think about storage and backup. We take a look at the site (pronounced like “gift” without the G) which helps you automate tasks between online services like Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, and Google Drive. We note the passing of […]


Modern Geek #45: Call Show

Juan and Chuck catch up by taking some listener calls including questions about selecting an HDTV to use as a large computer monitor and how to read Amazon and other online reviews critically.


FitSmart #5: Working Out and Eating on The Road

We discuss the difficulties (and tricks to) working out and maintaining diet while traveling for work and pleasure. And we take a ton of listener calls, addressing topics including how to know when it’s ok to *not* work out, how to get back on the fitness track after an injury, how shoes can affect your […]


FitSmart #3: Nutrition

Exercise is only part of the fitness equation. In this episode we discuss nutrition and how to develop both long-term and short term food plans to reach your goals. We walk through the basics of estimating your calorie burn (with or without electronic aid), converting your weight loss/gain/recomposition goals into calorie goals, and choosing food […]


Modern Geek #29: Dropbox, Smart TVs, Streaming

We marvel at the awesomeness of one of our listeners streaming her wedding live for us and others — on the spur of the moment. We point out Dropbox’s beta features and free 4.5 GB of storage. We walk through some users’ issues with the OS X 10.7.3 update. We mini-review the touch-screen compatible AGloves. […]


Modern Geek #28: Cloud-Based OS Access, Computer-on-a-Stick

Juan shares his junk pile adventures complete with the recovery of an original World of Warcraft manual. We note remote-game-purveyor OnLive’s foray into cloud-based OS access, discussing just how much cloud computing has modified the small business landscape. We drool a bit on a $35 computer-on-a-stick that’s a project just waiting to happen. And we […]


Modern Geek #25: CES, XBox 720 DVR

We have some fun with a bit of off-site CES coverage followed by a nice long discussion of the XBox 720 DVR possibility and the business decisions that drive it. Also, we take some listener calls, including a Mac Pro SSD upgrade experience and a question about leaving iOS devices plugged in overnight.


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