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Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin’ people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action […]


Our Roslin, Ourselves

Lately, Laura Roslin’s been getting a lot of flak for her actions as president, even if the GWC polls indicate mostly favorable ratings. But I’ve noticed something new creeping into the fray: sexist rhetoric (or, one might call it, rhetoric that is hostile or condescending to women) aimed at Roslin’s character, whether intentional or not. […]


Reader Theories: Zarek’s a Cylon. Or Roslin’s a Cylon.

Keith C. wrote: I have a theory on who the revealed Cylon will be in Season 3. I believe it will be Tom Zarek for the following reasons: 1. He is one of the few people who could be a Cylon without having to be a sleeper agent (as far as believability is concerned). Also, […]


Laura Roslin – Friend or Foe?

I have thought a great deal of my recent underlying issues with President Roslin. The last few episodes I tend to look at her in a different light than I used to. I find everything she sayssuspect and I always find myself looking for a hidden meaning to her actions. Also being a bit mystified […]


Roslin’s Legitimacy: What do you think?

We’ve talked about this numerous times in past podcasts, and a few listeners and readers have commented about it again recently: Laura Roslin has never actually been elected president. She entered the presidency via the mass death of those ahead of her in the chain, and her second stint came about via a “back room […]


What were they smoking?

Just a quick note as the new podcast finishes rendering behind me… During the flashback tonight when the Adama and Roslin were standing together drinking and smoking, Adama asked the question, “They grow this here?” Were they talking about the drink or the smoke? After recording the podcast tonight, Audra mentioned that she thought he […]


What of Tom Zarek?

We didn’t get a chance to spend nearly as much time on this in the last podcast as I’d have hoped, so I suspect it’ll pop up next time as well — but I couldn’t wait that long. What’s going to come of Tom Zarek? I’ve always liked Tom more than I could really justify […]


A Pithy Oracle…

The appearance of the Oracle in recent BSG episodes sparked a lot of interesting speculation in podcast #10, and I realized I didn’t know much about the origins of the Oracle in Greek mythology (which seems to be the basis for a lot of the colonial religion in BSG). The following is from the definition […]


The Return of Laura Roslin

Laura Roslin has already had one miraculous return from near-oblivion; it’s time she returns to a leadership role in the Resistance and gets back to leading humanity to its destiny. Down on New Caprica, we know she’s gone back to teaching school – a noble profession even for former presidents. But surely she’s not going […]


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